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The Administrator as a Stressor: A Study of the Administrative/Supervisory Behaviour of College Principals in Imo State, Nigeria. (Published)

This study focused on the relationship between the administrative behavior of college principals in Imo State, Nigeria and Teachers’ stress. This investigation was necessitated by the fact that high level of job stress has been linked to low level of productivity, and high death rate among college teachers in Imo State. In carrying out the investigation, a survey design was used for the study. The population of the study was made up of teachers in Imo State while 61 teachers constitute the sample size for the study. Structured questionnaire was used for collection of data for the analysis while the statistical methods adopted for the study were mean, standard deviation, simple percentages and t-test. The 0.05 level of level of significance was used for retaining or rejecting the three hypotheses formulated for the study. Findings of the study revealed that there is a significant relationship between principal’s administrative behaviour and teachers’ stress. Based on the above findings, the study recommends that school administrators such as the principals should take into cognizance their behavioral patterns and styles of leadership that would enhance staff morale and job satisfaction, thereby reducing teachers’ stress and improving good health.

Citation: Nwachukwu G.O. (2023) The Administrator as a Stressor: A Study of the Administrative/Supervisory Behaviour of College Principals in Imo State, Nigeria, British Journal of Education, Vol.11, Issue 5, 12-29

Keywords: Principal, Stress, Teacher, administrative behaviour, administrator, stressor

A Quantitative Study on the Effects of Stress on Students’ Clothing Selection and Dressing (Published)

This paper adopted the cross-sectional quantitative approach to examine the effects stressful activities have on clothing selection and dressing among students. A sample of 280 university students were reached by adopting the purposive and convenience sampling techniques. Thirty-seven (37) itemized questionnaire was used to obtain information from respondents. The descriptive analysis carried on three main variables presented high mean values of M=2.91, SD=0.14 for Stressful Activities, M=2.92, SD=0.21 for Clothing Selection Mode and M=2.68; SD=0.18 for Clothing Practices to Manage Stress. Results from hypotheses tested indicated positive correlation between stressful activities and clothing (β=0.406; S. E=0.187, p<0.05); stress management practices and clothing selection (β=0.615; S. E=0.065; p<0.05) as well as stressful activities and stress practices (β=-0.321; S. E=0.024; p<0.05). The study recommends that sensitization programmes should be organized for students to create awareness on possible sources of stressors and how to manage them through proper wardrobe planning and clothing management.


Keywords: Stress, Stress Management, academic activities, appearance, clothes, clothing selection

The Influence of Social Support on Stress among Adolescents in Ekiti State (Published)

Citation: Francis Olu   Ibimiluyi, Abosede Oluwayemisi Fasina, and Oluwaseun Bamidele Iretor-Oscar (2022) The Influence of Social Support on Stress among Adolescents in Ekiti State, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 2, pp. 22-30

Abstract: The study examined the influence of social support on stress among adolescents in Ekiti State. Specifically, the study examined the level of stress among adolescent; the social supports that are available to the adolescent; the relationship between social support and stress among adolescent; the influence of social support on stress among male and female adolescent; and the influence of social support on stress among Christian and Muslim adolescent. The research design used in this study was a descriptive survey type. The population of this study comprised of all the senior secondary school students in Ado local government area of Ekiti state. The sample for this study comprised of one hundred and sixty (160) students. Simple and stratified random sampling techniques were used. The instrument used for data collection was self-designed questionnaire. The questionnaire was validated by experts of Tests and Measurement to check whether the instrument accurately represented the variables under study. The reliability of the instrument was ensured through test re-test method which yielded a reliability co-efficient value of 0.718. The data collected were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings of the study revealed that stress among adolescent in Ekiti State was high. In addition, girls are more likely to use coping strategies that involved relationship, such as seeking social support than boys who tend to use others such as distraction. It was recommended among others that parents, community leaders and Government should give adolescents the necessary support to cope with stress around them.

Keywords: Adolescents, Influence, Social Support, Stress

Adjustment Strategies of Widows to Widowhood Stress Based on Their Age: The Case of Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

This study was aimed at investigating influence of age on adjustment strategies employed by widows in coping with widowhood stress in Rivers State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. Two research questions and one hypothesis guided the conduct of the study at 0.05 probability level. A sample of 370 widows in Rivers State was drawn from the population via proportional stratified random sampling technique. Two instruments namely; Stress Level Scale for Widows (SLSW) and Questionnaire for Widows Adjustment Strategies (QWAS), both developed by the researcher were used for data collection. Data were analysed with mean, standard deviation and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance and the statistical package known as SPSS for widows was employed for the analyses. Results showed that; all the eight adjustment strategies (problem solving, cognitive restructuring, express emotion, social support, problem avoidance, wishful thinking, self-criticism and social withdrawal) are adopted by widows in ameliorating widowhood stress; there are slight differences among the mean values of the different age groups with regards to all the adjustment strategies of widows to widowhood stress. Based on the findings of this study, recommendations were made accordingly.

Keywords: Adjustment, Age, Rivers State, Strategies., Stress, Widowhood

Sources and Effects of Stress on Work Performance, and Coping Strategies among Nurses at University of Cape Coast Hospital, Cape Coast, Ghana (Published)

Stress is part of our everyday life and affects all aspects of our activities. In professions, where encountering hundreds of people is a routine could be very stressful. This is the nature of the nursing profession, with its attendant effects on the physical and psychological wellbeing of the nurse. This study set out to find the sources and effects of stress on work performance among nurses at the University of Cape Coast Hospital, and the coping strategies they adopt. Questionnaire was used to solicit data from the respondents. Using the multi-stage sampling technique, fifty nine nurses were sampled for the study. Three research questions and three hypotheses were formulated, and answered and tested respectively. Independent t-tests, Analysis of Variance, and means were used in analyzing the data collected. No statistically significant differences were found between the ages of nurses and the type of stress experienced, by gender with respect to how they coping strategies toward stress, and among the various ranks of nurses and the effect of stress on their performance. It was concluded that, nurses in the University of Cape Coast Hospital were aware of the sources of stress among nurses, aware of the effects of stress on their performance, and had devised their strategies for coping with stress.It was therefore recommended that management of the Directorate of University Health Services (UCC) organizes seminars, workshops, forum, among others on incidence of stress and stress management strategies for the nurses. This would help the nurses to be abreast with stress coping strategies thereby alleviating stress on them. It was also recommended that counsellors were brought on to put in techniques that would assist nurses who are going through stressful conditions, which are likely to affect their performance on the work.


Keywords: Cape Coast, Coast Hospital, Coping, Ghana, Nurses University of Cape, Sources and Effects, Strategies., Stress, Work Performance

The Effectiveness of Training on Time Management Skill Due To Relaxation Techniques upon Stress and Achievement among Mutah University Students (Published)

The study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a training program on time management skills due to relaxation techniques upon stress and achievement among a sample of students in Mutah University. The subjects of this study were assigned randomly into two groups: an experimental group which consisted of (38) students who received the training program and a control group which consisted of (37) students who did not receive any kind of training. The stress scale and achievement scores were kept for both groups; before and after exposing to the program. To test the hypotheses of the study; means, standard deviations and Analysis of Covariance (MANCOVA) were computed. The results revealed significant differences between the means of the two groups on the total scores of stress in favor of experimental group, which indicated the effectiveness of the training program in reducing the level of stress, while there is no effect for the groups upon achievement. Furthermore, the results show no significant differences in the effect of gender or the interaction between gender and treatment. (Keywords: time management, stress, relaxation, achievement and college students).

Keywords: Mutah University Students, Relaxation Techniques, Stress, Time Management Skill, Training


This study was conducted to establish the influence of stress arising from motivation on professional effectiveness of secondary school teachers in Cross River State. The study adopted an ex-post facto design. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select sixty (60) schools out of two hundred and thirty (230) public secondary schools, while random sampling was used to select six hundred (600) teachers. Research data were collected through the use of 2 sets of self-developed and validated questionnaire titled: Motivation Inventory (MOI) and Professional Effectiveness Questionnaire (PEQ). MOI consisted of 21 items Likert-type scale with a alternative responses (very stressful, stressful, less stressful, not stressful). PEQ was a 28 items Likert-type scale with 4 alternative responses (very effective, effective, ineffective, less effective and has submits such as lesson presentation, use of instructional aids, classroom management, evaluation of students, learning motivation, supervision of co-curricular activities and professional/personal qualities. Both instruments has reliability index of 0.81 and 0.87 significance. Result obtained showed a significant influence of stress arising from (motivation on lesson presentation, use of instructional aids, classroom management and evaluation of students, supervision of co-curricular activities). Based on the finding, it was recommended among others that teachers should learn how to manage stressful situations by use of self-talk technique which enables an individual emit self-statements that may prompt coping behaviour

Keywords: Cross River State, Motivation, Stress, Teacher, professional effectiveness

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