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Confronting The Challenges of Insecurity in Ondo State: The Role of Geospatial Surveillance and Mapping (Published)

The situation of insecurity in Nigeria has ignited different levels of government to form their own security networks. One of such efforts was made by the Ondo State Government by creating Amotekun Security Network for Ondo State. This is to improve security life and property of people in the state. This was as a result of persistent siege laid by marauders on the highways and farms in the state.  There is no doubt about the good intension of the Governor which he has backed up with action in the inauguration of Amotekun Security Network for Ondo State, However the trend  of combatting crime  and terrorism in this 21st century has gone more sophisticated  to the extent that conventional security architecture  has become grossly inadequate,  thus the need to upgrade security architecture to the level whereby security system and the personnel can combat the crime and even nip it in the bud before attacks. This can only be possible by complementing the conventional structure with available geospatial apparatus for security surveillance in confronting the challenges of insecurity not only in Ondo State but Nigeria at large. This paper thus appraises the challenges of insecurity in Ondo State and the role of geospatial surveillance and mapping. The paper was based on review of literatures and qualitative technique of analysis. This paper was structured into background information about Ondo State, Overview of security challenges in Nigeria with attention on Ondo State, the take-off of Ondo State Security Network Agency called Amotekun, and highlights on geospatial technology solutions for security surveillance in confronting insecurity challenges. This paper thus concludes that insecurity in Ondo State and entire Nigeria could be curbed if security network can be complimented with geospatial surveillance and mapping technique.

Citation: Adewale Akingbade (2022) Confronting the Challenges of Insecurity in Ondo State: The Role of Geospatial Surveillance and Mapping, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.10, No.5, pp.25-38


Keywords: AFRIGIST, Amotekun, Insecurity, Ondo State, geospatial surveillance


The study analyses the Poverty Alleviation Programmes as an alternative to Peace and Conflict Resolution in Northern Nigeria; it links the frequency of Conflicts (insecurity) in the region the incidence of absolute and abject poverty. The study predominantly utilized secondary data. In the final analyses, it is shown that conflicts in the region are traceable to poverty. The study concludes that, peace, stability and security is the foundation for achieving the socio-economic development; therefore, preventing conflict, resolving conflict and for peace to be built, poverty has to be alleviated or eradicate the poverty tension that breeds ground for conflict, which requires a genuine commitment for poverty alleviation programmes and involvement of constituents people at every level–design, implementation and monitoring of poverty reduction programs

Keywords: Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Ethno-religious, Insecurity, Peace, Poverty

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