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Revolutionizing Business Administration and Management with Information Technology: A Study of NITEL in Port Harcourt (Published)

Information technology is the creation, processing, storing, securing, and exchanging of all types of electronic data through the use of computers, networking, storage, and other physical devices, infrastructure, and procedures. It is typically utilized in relation to business operations as opposed to personal or recreational technology. This paper therefore examines the revolutionization of information technology on business administration and management. The aim is to determine the impact of information technology on NITEL, Port Harcourt. To achieve this, the researcher adopted the survey research design vis-à-vis a qualitative study because of the use of a questionnaire as a survey instrument. The findings of this research show that information technology optimizes business administration and management. It also shows that certain factors, such as staff redundancy, fraud, and high maintenance or repair costs, are some of the problems associated with information technology at NITEL. The research concludes that information technology has had a significant impact on the management and administration of business at Nigerian Telecommunication (NITEL). For optimal operation and optimum output service, the various machines or equipment originating from information technology require adequate and efficient handling.

Keywords: Impact, Information Technology, Management, business administration

Social Media Integration into Contemporary Human Resource Management: A Qualitative Approach (Published)

This study explored the theme “social media integration into contemporary human resource management: a qualitative approach.” The study was guided by three research objectives which are; to determine whether human resource managers integrate social media in their practices; to ascertain the benefit of integrating social media into human resource management and to determine challenges associated with the integration of social media into human resource management. The study was built on the Theory of Creative Destruction and the population of the study comprised of human resource managers and academicians within Yola metropolis. The study adopted dual research methods which are the in-depth interview and integrative literature review design. The researcher interviewed human resources managers and academicians that specialized in human resource management until the results reached saturation point. Findings revealed that human resource managers have incorporated social media into contemporary human resource management. It was also found that social media platforms offer lots of benefits to human resource managers in their professional practices. However, it was unraveled that there are quite several disadvantages associated with the integration of social media into contemporary human resource management even though the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, it was recommended among other things that there is the need for managers of human resources be aware of the right limits and boundaries when it comes to using social media for their professional practices.

Citation: Bello Deva Vincent (2022) Social Media Integration into Contemporary Human Resource Management: A Qualitative Approach, European Journal of Business and Innovation Research, Vol.10, No.6, pp.,71-77


Keywords: Human resource, Integration, Management, Qualitative approach., Social media

A Comparative study on Public Procurement Rules (PPR),-2008, Bangladesh and Asian Development Bank (ADB) Procurement Regulations 2017: Strengths and Weaknesses (Published)

This study mainly explores the strengths and weaknesses of ADB procurement regulations 2017 and PPR, 2008 followed by some recommendation. This comparison is done by reviewing the ADB Procurement Regulations 2017 and PPR, 2008. The PPR, 2008 delineates provisions of procurement plan, preparation of tender or proposal, committee, principles of public procurement, tender validity and security, specifications, standard, brand names, approval process, notification of award, contract administration and management, records and audit, joint venture, conflict of interest, complaint and appeal procedure, methods of procurement for goods and related services, works, physical services, processing of procurement, professional misconduct, e-Government procurement. The main spirit of PPR, 2008 are transparency, accountability, equity, fairness and open competition for ensuring value for money by using public fund.There are some strengths and weaknesses in some specific cases of regulations as well. Strengths in ADB procurement regulations include performance based procurement, bonus for performance, community based procurement, encouraging joint venture, procurement plan, pre-qualification, non-compliance, misconduct, settlement of dispute and so on. Using the strengths of ADB procurement regulations, the borrower can achieve the speedy procurement, fairness competition, accountability and value for money.  The main weaknesses are absence of sustainable procurement, supply chain issues, whole life cycle cost, sustainability, strategic partnership with supplier and contractors, disposal policy and so on. The guidance in the ADB regulations and PPR, 2008 conform to some aspects and differ in others. Because of weaknesses in both guidelines and rules, sustainability and social aspects are compromised in public procurement which hampers long-term value for money. This paper explores the gaps of internationally accepted procurement standards and practices in PPR of Bangladesh and emphasizes improvement of regulatory framework by fostering strengths of both guidelines and rules in context of Bangladesh.

Keywords: Management, Procurement Planning, Proposal, Regulation, Tender, validity

Effect of Road Assets Management on Performance of Road Agencies in Kenya (Published)

The study sought to analyse the effect of road asset management (RAM) on performance of road agencies in Kenya. The study was guided by stakeholder theory and it posited a conceptual framework in which road assets management was the independent variable, road agency performance the dependent variable. A correlation survey design was employed to find out the relationships between the study variables.A purposive sampling technique was used to select the respondents for the study and data was collected using structured questionnaire. Results showed that RAM was a positive and significant predictor of road agency performance in Kenya and it accounted for 81.7% of variance in performance of the road agencies in Kenya.The study concluded that RAM contribute significantly to road agency performance and recommends that RAM should be integrated in the policies of road agencies in Kenya in order to realize better condition of roads in Kenya in the long run.

Keywords: Management, Performance, Road Agency, Road assets

Environmental Management and Control Education in Nigeria (Published)

The application of sophisticated technology in a laissez- faire economy to provide for the diverse needs of ever increasing population led to series of environmental stress and crises. The magnitude and complexity of these environmental problems evoked the raising of alarm from various quarters calling for urgent attention to the myriads of environmental problem issues, if man’s survival will be guaranteed. These alarms created the pressure that later gave rise to environmental management and control discipline and profession. In practical terms, environmental management and control is multi-disciplinary in scope and requires the training of crops of professionals that will be equipped with critical and analytical skills to provide both preventive and corrective measures to address all dimensions of environmental problems. Thus, the environmental and control education aims at training and producing competent personnel that will be intellectually equipped with sufficient and relevant theoretical and technical knowledge as well as skills for dealing with the problems caused by developmental projects and also who will possess the multi-disciplinary perspectives to team up with other professionals to achieve sustainable development in various aspects of human endeavours. Regrettably, it is only 30 out of 107 Universities and other 52 degree/HND/NCE awarding tertiary institutions in Nigeria that offer environmental management and control education. This is abysmally too low and poor which partly explains why environmental problems appear intractable in Nigeria. For sustainable development to become feasible and realizable in Nigeria, environmental education must be made compulsory in all tertiary levels of education as well as in pre-tertiary schools. Environmental management graduates are trained to work in the public and non-public establishments and as well as possess adequate skills to set up their private consultancy firms and become employers of labour.

Keywords: Education, Environment, Management, developmental projects., multi-disciplinary, preventive and corrective measures


The study assesses strategies for managing work related stress at Barclays Bank Limited, Takoradi. Employees who are under stress in work may cost a lot of money and time for the organisation. Excessive work-related stress can harm the physical and emotional well-being of the employees. The study design was a survey. It assesses strategies for managing work-related stress at Barclays Bank Limited, Takoradi. Primary data was gathered from thirty (30) employees of the bank. The data for this study was collected using questionnaires. Convenience sampling method was used for the employees. To effectively complete the analysis of the data, descriptive analytical tools like tables and percentages were used to analyse the data. The findings of this study revealed that the banking profession was stressful. It was found that majority of the respondents associated pressure with stress at work. The outcome showed that employees practiced relaxation techniques to cope with, or prevent stress and anxiety. The results showed that employees felt stressed because of long working hours. It is recommended that stress awareness programmes should be instituted to build knowledge and awareness of stress. Awareness sessions should be conducted in a non-threatening environment and shoukd provide employees with current information on the nature, signs, causes and symptoms of stress

Keywords: Employment, Job, Management, Schedule, Strategies., Stressors

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