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Research and Innovation Strategies for Economic Competitiveness and Industrial Growth: Lessons for Nigeria (Published)

One of the leading unrealized opportunities in Nigerian industrial organizations is the full influence of research ideas and knowledge to transform business products and processes into long-term innovation. Business research and innovation contribute significantly to improvement in enterprise productivity and quality and in the integral components of business strategy and success. Drawing heavily from published literature, this paper highlights the enormous benefits of continual research and innovation on national economies, and proffers recommendations on how Nigeria could key into this concept to promote its economic competitiveness at the global level.

Keywords: Competitiveness Industrial Growth, Economic, Innovation, Nigeria, Research, Strategies.


The objective of the study was to investigate how Bosomtwe Rural Bank has managed Corporate Social Responsibility practices for competitive advantage. Bosomtwe Rural Bank was used for a case study and twenty-five management and senior staff were sampled for the study. Questionnaires were used to collect data from the respondents. Major findings were that the bank strategically manages CSR and has fully integrated CSR into their business operations. It was also seen that most of the CSR practices of Bosomtwe Rural bank are directed to development of education and community development. It was also identified that major advantage that Bosomtwe Rural Bank enjoys from CSR is enhancement of corporate reputation and relations with key stakeholders. It was recommended that the bank looks for actions that can enhance their reputation and improves relations with key stakeholders and integrate them into their corporate strategy

Keywords: Economic, Ethical, Legal, Philanthropic, Stakeholders, Strategies.


The study assesses strategies for managing work related stress at Barclays Bank Limited, Takoradi. Employees who are under stress in work may cost a lot of money and time for the organisation. Excessive work-related stress can harm the physical and emotional well-being of the employees. The study design was a survey. It assesses strategies for managing work-related stress at Barclays Bank Limited, Takoradi. Primary data was gathered from thirty (30) employees of the bank. The data for this study was collected using questionnaires. Convenience sampling method was used for the employees. To effectively complete the analysis of the data, descriptive analytical tools like tables and percentages were used to analyse the data. The findings of this study revealed that the banking profession was stressful. It was found that majority of the respondents associated pressure with stress at work. The outcome showed that employees practiced relaxation techniques to cope with, or prevent stress and anxiety. The results showed that employees felt stressed because of long working hours. It is recommended that stress awareness programmes should be instituted to build knowledge and awareness of stress. Awareness sessions should be conducted in a non-threatening environment and shoukd provide employees with current information on the nature, signs, causes and symptoms of stress

Keywords: Employment, Job, Management, Schedule, Strategies., Stressors

Cinemex Pansionstrategies to Reduce the Distance Market with Cinepolis (Published)

Cinemex is a company that has been characterized by having a very strong expansion strategy, and in recent years has acquired companies being competition as part of its strategy and be able to extend its market power against the industry`s leader called Cinepolis, however, this strategy hasn’t done Cinemex win market even competing by price. The main strength of Cinepolis is technological innovation so the strategy is to expand the firm is to open new complex projects highly technological. Moreover, opening Cinemex complex projects a lower level. The conclusion of the trial is that for Cinemex can continue to expand should redirect its strategy to open theaters with top-level projects that currently use in order to win market power Cinepolis.

Keywords: Cinemex, Duopoly, Game theory, No cooperatives games, Strategies.

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