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Historical Overview of the Old Testament Prophecy and Prophetism: Its Application to the 21st Century Church (Published)

most talked-about and prominent topic in the Church is prophecy and prophetism, which is most misunderstood and misused. The subject is precisely defined and covered in both Testaments. Likewise, many textbooks and articles either explain the subject or reappraise it today. Despite being as ancient as the Bible, prophecy is as modern as the Church of Jesus Christ. The study focuses on how the gift of prophecy might strengthen the modern Church and individual Christians. Data for the study is gathered through a literature review, and discussion is done using the discursive and analytical approach. The entire discussion pitched its tent that prophecy is essential for the 21st-century Church. The results of this study show that God employs prophecy as a unique means of blessing His Church. The congregation of believers is the perfect setting for the Holy Spirit to speak to contemporary needs and circumstances. In the setting of the Christian assembly, the message’s holiness is safeguarded and increased.

Citation: Umaru V.  (2023) Historical Overview of the Old Testament Prophecy and Prophetism: Its Application to the 21st Century Church, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.11, No.1, pp.65-84

Keywords: 21st Century., Church, old testament, prophecy, prophetism

Prevalence of Rape in Ekiti State Nigeria: Expectations from the Church (Published)

The article investigates the prevalence of rape and sexual assaults in Ekiti   State, Nigeria. It reviews some pieces of literature on rape from scholarly perspectives; rape in the bible and its effects were equally investigated. The causes and effects of rape were emphasized in work. The article examined expectations from the church being the moral bastion of society. It is a concern that rape has become cancer that has eaten deep into our contemporary society. There have been reported cases of rape in Ekiti state, which calls for this article. It is no doubt that some men have thrown morals into the bin and defiled women of all ages, but children are not left behind in this contemporary madness. Some men have slept with children far below their children’s ages. The research shows that rape is not exclusive to the state under study; allegations of rape and molestation have come from different states in Nigeria using qualitative and interview approaches.    The paper equally gives information on reported and cases of convicted culprits of rape in the state. Likewise, efforts of the State Government and the church to forestall rape were revealed in this work. Nevertheless, it was observed that despite the efforts of Ekiti State in curtailing rape in the state, it is still prevalent. However, this is due to the number of new cases reported daily. Consequently, the call for church intervention as the moral bastion of society to forestall rape is imperative at this juncture. It has been discovered in the work that cases of rape are underreported due to the stigma and shame associated with it. Ekiti state, just like every other state in Nigeria, is a patriarch in nature. Hence, men are always at an advantage in nearly everything. Therefore, the paper recommends that the church intensify efforts to enlighten society through radio, television evangelism, counselling, preaching and workshop on the danger of rape. Finally, rape victims should be given the moral and medical support needed for their healing from the physical, emotional and psychological traumas associated with rape.

Keywords: Church, Ekiti State, Expectations, Nigeria, Prevalence, Rape

A Misrepresentation of the Theology of Satan in Nigerian Religious Leadership (Published)

This article examines the nature of Satan through the various names that he is called. It also looks at the role religious leaders in Nigeria play in propagating wrong ideologies about Satan. The methodology adopted consists of the theological approach to some Biblical passages, using Reader Response hermeneutical principles to examine the different names of Satan. The result shows that Satan is more than an excuse for people to do wrong and Church leaders in Nigeria need to teach a more holistic message on who Satan is.

Keywords: Christianity, Church, Leadership, Satan, Wasteful Prayers, responsibility

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