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Cultism Development and Its Sinister Influence in Nigeria Universities (Published)

This paper discussed cultism development and its sinister influence in Nigeria universities. The unabated incidence and unrelenting activities of secret cults in Nigerian universities which invariably have caused a lot of havoc on the lives and psych of Nigerians have over the years been a thing of serious concern to educational stakeholders, administrators, parents/ guidance, and the society at large. To wit, this paper examined the concept of cultism in Nigerian universities, concept of development of cultism in Nigerian Universities, sinister influence of cultism in Nigerian universities. The paper concludes that cultism can be eradicated in our secondary schools, universities and other institutions of learning to at least a near zero-degree level. The paper therefore suggested that parents, educational administrators and educational stakeholders should inculcate the fear of God in the lives of their children/wards, and students and that the government and private institutions should establish schools of parenting for parents and parents to be.

Keywords: Cultism, Development, Influence, Universities, sinister

Security Matters and Academic Staff Service Delivery in Southwest, Nigerian Universities (Published)

The study examined the relationship between security matters and academic staff service delivery in Southwest Nigeria universities. It determined the levels of academic staff service delivery and the level of security in Southwest Nigeria universities. The study adopted the descriptive survey research and correlational research designs. The population of the study comprised of all the 8724 academic staff in all the 18 Southwest Nigeria universities. The sample for this study was 880 respondents; comprising 800 academic staff and 80 heads of departments from 8 universities in four states in Southwest Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure which involved simple random sampling stratified and proportional stratified ransom sampling was used to select sample for the study. Two sets of instruments tagged. Security matters questionnaire (SMQ) and academic staff service delivery questionnaire [ASSDQ] were used for the study. The two sets of instruments were validated by face, content and construct validity by experts in the department of Educational Management and Test, Measurement and Evaluation and the reliability was ensured using Test-re Test method of reliability with SMQ and ASSDQ yielding reliability coefficients of 0.89 and 0.86 respectively.  The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The descriptive statistics of frequency counts percentage mean and standard deviation were used to answer the general questions while the inferential statistics involving Pearson product moment correlation and multiple regression analysis were used to test the hypotheses, all the hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The levels of security and academic staff service delivery in Southwest Nigeria University were moderate. The study showed that there was significant relationship between security matters and academic staff service delivery in Southwest; Nigeria universities. It was revealed that terrorism and cultism significantly affected academic staff service delivery. It was recommended that the government and their agencies, the university management should maintain the security of the school by funding the security unit with modern technological gadgets. So as to strengthen the security situations of Southwest Nigeria Universities. There should be policy and regulations against cultism and terrorism in universities which must also be adequately enforced to maintain a safe and secured school environment.

Olumoyo A.E, Adegun O.A.  and Animasahun M.A (2022) Security Matters and Academic Staff Service Delivery in Southwest, Nigerian Universities, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 16, 41-50

Keywords: Academic Staff, Cultism, Service delivery, Terrorism, security matters

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