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Kidney-Induced Injury from Native Herbal Drugs: A Case Study of Certain Herbs Used in the Management of Infertility in Calabar, Nigeria (Published)

Infertility is a global concern among married couples. Severally treatment approaches have been used over the years to proffer solution. This research aims at investigating the kidney–induced injury from native herbal drugs-case study of certain herbs used in the management of infertility in Calabar. A total of 18 Wistar rats weighing 150 – 250 grams were separated into 3 groups of 6 rats each and 2 groups were administered with 200 mg/kg each of ethanol and n-hexane combined extracts for 7 days. Results showed that ethanol and n-hexane extracts groups significantly affected the renal tissues of the experimental animals. While in control group, a section of the kidney showed normal findings of glomeruli and renal tubules. The ethanol extract group showed swollen glomeruli with deeply stained mesangial cells while the n-hexane extract group showed the glomeruli had a hypocellular mesangium causing a peri-arteriolar mesangial haemorrhage. Ethanol extract group and n-hexane extract group showed injury to the renal tissues on histology.

Keywords: Infertility, herbal extracts, kidney injury

Concept and factors associated with infertility among married couples in Obonnoma community, Akuku-toru Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

The study was aimed at determining the concept and factors associated with infertility among married couples in Obonnoma community of Rivers State. A descriptive, cross-sectional study conducted at the Family Planning Clinic of the community’s health center between July and December, 2017, among 76 persons, out of 96 married couples that attended the facility. The mean score for knowledge of infertility showed that 39(51.32%) respondents had good knowledge, while 37(48.68%) had poor knowledge. Also, 41(53.95%) had positive attitude towards infertility while 35(46.05%) had negative attitude. Semen abnormalities, assumed spiritual forces, unknown cause, undescended testes, erectile dysfunction, menstrual disorders, previous reproductive tract infections/STIs, age, improper/poor sexual practices and fallopian tube dysfunction were the main factors indicated to be associated with infertility. Infertility is a common reproductive problem, with about one-fifth of the world population affected. There is still low poor knowledge about the true factors associated with it, hence, a lot of misconceptions, such as beliefs that IUCDs and supernatural powers can cause infertility, thus, most affected persons seek treatment from faith or traditional healers. Alternative medicine remains a popular option for couples, when they are unsatisfied with orthodox medicine. There is also poor knowledge about treatment options available, with cultural and religious beliefs masking most of such, resulting in reduced acceptability of assisted reproductive technologies. Vigorous enlightenment, especially, of rural dwellers, is pertinent and will produce better results of acceptability and utilization of available options.

Keywords: Belief, Infertility, Knowledge, attitude, orthodox

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