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The Growth of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Less Developed Countries: Issues and Problems (Published)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been a major topic around the globe since its inception. The realization that it has the capacity to change cultures, influence thoughts and usher in a world devoid of distance and barriers makes it more interesting. The concern today is that the West (developed countries) is conversant with the terrain while the South (developing countries) is on a sight-seeing mission. This paper discusses the importance of ICT and impediments of its growth in less developed countries. Data were obtained through review of relevant literature and global statistical records. The result of which shows that fewer people in less developed countries especially Africa have access to the internet and its usage is grossly low compared to the Western world.

Citation: Akagu, Joseph Ifeanyichukwu(2022) The Growth of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Less Developed Countries: Issues and Problems,     International Journal of International Relations, Media and Mass Communication Studies,  Vol.8, No.2, pp.62-67


Keywords: Africa, ICT, Internet, Nigeria, developed countries, global village, less developed countries

Role of Media and ICT in Empowering Kenyan Rural Communities with Information on Development (Published)

Information is the key to democracy. Information technology measures social integration, participation and performance valuables in any development. Emerging digital techniques, new network alternatives including intelligent networks, high bandwidth communication technology and state-of-the-art software for network functions and services, are the new technology trends evident in the development of electronic communication systems. Yet most of world’s population remains untouched by this revolution. The paper discusses the need to focus on Kenyan rural communities to empower them to access information, knowledge and poverty alleviation among them by deploying the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Analyses the factors preventing rural communities from reaping the benefits of ICT s, Kenyan initiatives to overcome the factors, ways and means of poverty alleviation and sustainable development; identifies the bottlenecks and solutions, and lessons learned. The paper will analyze the integration of media and technology in pushing development agenda. Perhaps the inclination of ICT and media as an information resource will bring enormous and diversification in developmental models.

Keywords: Development, ICT, Kenya, Media, Rural

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