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The Effect of Depression on Academic Achievement among Male and Female Students at Yarmouk University’ (Published)

Citation: Maysaa Hasan Banihani (2022) The Effect of Depression on Academic Achievement among Male and Female Students at Yarmouk University,’ International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, Vol. 10, No.2, pp.16-28

The study aims to reveal the association between depression among male and female students of Yarmouk University, the obstacles that lead to its occurrence and the most important suggestions for its treatment. The study population consists of male and female students of Yarmouk University, which numbered (125). They were selected by random stratified method. To achieve the goals of the study, a questionnaire and interviews were developed. The questionnaire consists of 9 questions distributed in general and in particular. In addition to the interview tool which consists of 4 selected samples. The results of the study show a significant negative correlation between depression and academic achievement. Also,the study does not reveal any significant differences between male and female students in the depression variable. The results show that there were no statistically significant differences due to the effect of the gender variable, and the presence of factors that had a significant impact on depression and its negative relationship to academic achievement. Finally, the research reaches a number of recommendations.

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Depression

Determination of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Retirees in Kogi State and Preventive Strategies (Published)

Retirees, especially in developing nations like Nigeria experience diverse health problems. Notable among them are depression, anxiety and stress. The present study aimed to determine the level of depression, anxiety, and stress among retirees, and formulated preventive strategies. The study was guided by four research questions and one null hypothesis. The survey research design was adopted for the study. A sample size of 1,250 respondents was drawn using multi- stage sampling procedure. Data were generated through researcher- structured questionnaires.  The reliability was established through Cronbach Alpha statistic to determine the correlation coefficient index, which yielded 0 .97.  Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics of frequencies, percentages, and standard deviation. The study revealed that retirees experienced extremely severe level of depression (DASS) score=19.3, anxiety (DASS) score = 21.1 and stress (DASS) score = 17.3. It was therefore recommended that public health awareness and education campaigns of health problems on depression, anxiety and stress should be carried out by the National Orientation Kogi State Chapter, social welfare workers, counselors, educators, health educators, NGOs, and mass media to prevent and mitigate depression, anxiety and stress among retirees in Kogi State.

Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Prevention, Retirees, Stress

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