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Knowledge, Perception and Acceptance of Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women of Reproductive Age in Health Facilities in Ekiti State, Nigeria (Published)

This study aims to examine the knowledge, perception, and acceptance of cervical cancer screening among reproductive-age women in health facilities in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. The objectives include determining sources of information, assessing knowledge, acceptance, and perception, as well as investigating factors influencing acceptance. A descriptive research design was employed, with a sample size of 198 women divided across primary, secondary, and tertiary health care facilities in Ado Ekiti. Data were collected using a self-structured questionnaire, validated through expert assessment and a pilot study. Results indicate that 41% of participants have a high level of knowledge, 45% have a moderate level, and 14% have a low level. Acceptance rates for screening are 49.5% for “yes” and 50.5% for “no,” with 92% expressing an unfavorable perception and 8% a favourable one. These findings suggest limited understanding, awareness, and willingness to undergo cervical cancer screening among women of reproductive age. The study emphasizes a strong correlation between knowledge, awareness, and willingness to undergo screening. In conclusion, the majority of reproductive-age women in Ado Ekiti exhibit low knowledge, perception, and acceptance of cervical cancer screening. Recommendations include increasing awareness and sensitization among patients and medical personnel, providing printed materials in major languages, establishing government-sponsored screening centers, and organizing workshops for nurses on cervical cancer, screening, and treatment modalities. These initiatives aim to enhance knowledge, improve perceptions, and increase acceptance of cervical cancer screening among women in the study area

Keywords: Acceptance, Cervical Cancer Screening, Knowledge, Perception, Reproductive Age Women

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