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Working Capital Management and Profitability: Evidence from the Cement Industry in Bangladesh (Published)

Cement Industry plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. Profitability of this industry is highly related with the efficient working capital management, but the profitability of this industry is not satisfactory. This study is designed to show the profitability and working capital position of Cement industries, correlation between them and whether the profitability is affected by Working Capital Management. Ratio Analysis, Correlation Matrix and Regression Analysis have been used to show Profitability. Working Capital position, correlation between them and the impact of Working Capital on Profitability respectively. For the source of data the author mainly relied on Annual Reports and official records. It is observed from the study that profitability and Working Capital Management position of the Cement industry are not satisfactory.The study reveals that correlation exist between Working Capital Management and Profitability. The study also brings to fore that Working Capital Management has a positive impact on Profitability.

Keywords: Cement Industry, Efficiency, Profitability, Working Capital Management


This paper finds that NEPRA has approved 65% expensive tariff for new coal fired power plants in Pakistan. For the 6,600 MW power plants that will be installed in Punjab province, Pakistani people will pay extra USD 2.2 Billion in a year and USD 66.88 Billion over the next 30 years period of contract. Government should cancel this tariff and manage the tariff on case to case basis by following International Competitive Bidding process and keeping in mind the international standards and industrial prudent practices.

Keywords: Coal Price, Efficiency, Freight for Coal Transportation, NEPRA, Punjab Coal Power Plants, Tariff


The public sector constitutes the largest sector of the Nigerian economy. It employs the largest population of the labour force and also controls the bulk of the financial resources of the country. What this implies is that whatever adversely affects the public service has a huge multiplier effect on national development. The ghost can be a real person who knowingly or not is placed on the payroll, or a fictitious person invented by the dishonest employee. Thus, this paper attempts an x-ray the menacing ill of ghost workers, by the adoption of some basic accounting procedures to ensure internal control of public funds. This is because the public sector is the most venerable sector to employee frauds. The research findings show that public sector management in Kogi State has not lived up to expectation especially with regards to human resource management, good internal control system and good accounting  procedure to reduce the act of ghost workers, among others. The study recommends the formulation of good human resource and recruitment policy, attractive pay package and internal control/audit department.

Keywords: Corruption, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Fraud, Ghost, Public Sector

Assessing a New Decomposition of the Short and Long Run Cost Efficiency Frontiers in the Tunisian Manufacturing Sector (Published)

This paper analyzes the efficiency of the Tunisian manufacture sector using non-convex frontier methods. More specifically, it analyzes the total cost inefficiency and proposes its new decomposition into three additive components: short-run variable cost inefficiency; capacity utilization of fixed inputs, and scale inefficiency. The last two components correspond to the longrun cost efficiency concept. This exercise is applied to all the data in the Tunisian manufacturing industry. The results confirm the existence of significant cost inefficiency coefficients related to both long- and short-run analyses.

Keywords: Capacity Utilization, Data Envelopment Analysis, Efficiency, Non-convex Frontier

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