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Public Sector Audit and Public Financial Management in Nigeria (Published)

This study is centered on public sector audit and public financial management in Nigeria. It examines the relationship between public sector audit and financial fraud control in the public sector, it determines the relationship between public sector audit and internal control quality, as well as investigate the extent to which public sector audit influence financial reporting credibility. The researchers administered two hundred (200) questionnaires to respondents, out of which one hundred and sixty-two (162) were retrieved and was used for the analysis. To test the stated hypotheses, the researchers made do with chi-square statistic tool. At the end of the analysis, we find that there is a significant relationship between financial fraud control in the public sector, internal control quality, financial reporting credibility and public sector audit. We therefore recommend that performance of training courses, general and private, for accountants in order to enhance their perception of financial rules and public sector audit.

Keywords: Financial Fraud, Public Sector, financial reporting credibility and public sector audit, internal control quality


The public sector constitutes the largest sector of the Nigerian economy. It employs the largest population of the labour force and also controls the bulk of the financial resources of the country. What this implies is that whatever adversely affects the public service has a huge multiplier effect on national development. The ghost can be a real person who knowingly or not is placed on the payroll, or a fictitious person invented by the dishonest employee. Thus, this paper attempts an x-ray the menacing ill of ghost workers, by the adoption of some basic accounting procedures to ensure internal control of public funds. This is because the public sector is the most venerable sector to employee frauds. The research findings show that public sector management in Kogi State has not lived up to expectation especially with regards to human resource management, good internal control system and good accounting  procedure to reduce the act of ghost workers, among others. The study recommends the formulation of good human resource and recruitment policy, attractive pay package and internal control/audit department.

Keywords: Corruption, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Fraud, Ghost, Public Sector

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