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The Effect of Multi-Generational Workforce on Work Productivity in Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (Published)

The purpose of this study is to determine the various effects of multi-generational workforce on work productivity in Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation.  The company would benefit first hand from the findings derived from this study in successfuly leading and managing the multi-generational workforce with the presence of inspiring leadership and a strong company culture to support the employees in working towards the company’s vision and mission.

Keywords: : Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z, Productivity

A Research Perspective on Impact of Employee Engagement on 3 ‘P’s In Aviation Industry (Published)

The intent of this research is to bring out strategic impact of one of the facet of the employee engagement – work life balance in high precision service industry and analyse it’s impact on Performance, Productivity and Profitability as popularly known as ‘3P’. .Author has tried to highlight the importance of employee engagement through instituting systems and practices of work-life balance on performance, productivity and profitability of the organisation. Accordingly author has chosen aviation industry which is characteristically known as high demand service industry. Background and introduction highlighted the key rationale and understanding of the research area and literature review has been provided to create an academic platform to conduct the research. Author has chosen case based approach to investigate the key research aim, objectives and questions to present comprehensive analytical insights on the area. Conclusion and recommendation has been made to value add in the subject area and towards future research.

Keywords: Aviation Industry, Employee Engagement, Performance, Productivity


This research titled “the effect of human resource training and development on organizational effectiveness” is written to explore the extent to which training and development has enhanced organizational effectiveness considering the pivotality of the tool and consequences of its grave neglect by most organizations in recent time.  The researcher elicits data from both primary and secondary sources and the method of data collection were questionnaire, interview and observation.  The data were analyzed using simple percentages, mean score, standard deviation and coefficient of variation respectively.  The paper concludes that human resource training and development is pivotal to enhancing organizational effectiveness thus recommend that: for the nation to achieve improved productivity and efficient service delivery, funding of technical and vocational education should be encouraged and its employees should be constantly trained to compete and achieve the global quest for skillful and motivated manpower with an articulated training and development manuals towards a virile nation.

Keywords: Development, Human resource, Productivity, Training

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