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Employee Career Plateau in Cameroon’s Enterprises: Pattern Guides Towards Sustainable Solutions (Published)

Suggesting possible solutions that can help solve the problem of career plateauing has become an indispensable issue in Cameroon’s large enterprises. To achieve this objective, weadministered 291 questionnaires to managers and personnel of large Cameroon’scompanies spread across the national territory. Our principal variable in this study is career plateaued while the three secondary variables are post enrichment, participation to decision and assistance or support from colleagues. To achieve our result, a logisticand multivariate regression model with STATA 13.0 software were used. Our results show that participation to decision making has a significant positive effect on employee career plateaued. We recommend all Cameroon’s enterprises to involve employees in decision making and continuously enrich the job as time elapses.

Keywords: Career-Plateau, Management practices, participation in decision making, post enrichment, support given to colleagues

The Impact of Organizational Culture on Job Performance among Employees of the College of Administrative Sciences at Najran University (Published)

The present study is an attempt to identify the nature of the relationship between organizational culture and job performance among employees of the College of Administrative Sciences in Najran University, Saudi Arabia. The study problem lies in identifying the impact of organizational culture on job performance of employees at the College of Administrative Sciences. To achieve the objectives of the study, a number of hypotheses tested, mainly: There is a statistically significant relationship at the significant level of (0.05) between organizational culture and job performance among employees of the College of Administrative Sciences. The study adopted the questionnaire for collecting data from the study sample that consisted of (81) employees.  The main finding of study is that there is a positive impact for organization culture on job performance among employees at College of Administrative Sciences due to the vital and effective role played by the organizational culture in the development of administrative thinking, which contributes to raising the level of job performance

Keywords: Job Performance, Management practices, Organizational Culture, shared vision., teamwork

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