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Is Ideology an Enemy of the Text of the Arab Woman Writer? Or Is It Just a Mold of Rock That Clips Her Wings and Altercates with The Taboos? (Published)

The novel’s mission is to introduce public reality and break down taboos. The novel is a kind of art, and art is an uninterrupted yearning for beauty and thus other values, whether a historical value, cause-bearing speech, or taboo altercation. They are all present in the writer’s mind at the time of writing, a condition that does not overshadow the aesthetic artistic goal that has priority in writing novels in my opinion. Any perception of literature, however extreme it may be to move away from ideology, or to declare its denial and opposition to its concepts, involves whether or not it wants to respond, a clear ideological dimension. Literature is a discourse that develops on this ground, involves it, and exercises its activity on. It is an ideologically saturated discourse to which values and relationships come after they have been popularized by relations of social, moral and political forces. It is therefore the function of criticism to reveal these implicit dimensions, and to learn about the ideology of the texts that it addresses. It is a function that is not connected only to exposing the ideology of texts, but also to identifying the transformations that have taken place throughout the history of modern literature.

Keywords: Discourse, Ideology, Literature, Taboo, linguistic system, stylistic texture

Stylistic Choice of Euphemism as a Strategy against Vulgarity in Social Media (Published)

There is no gainsaying the fact that social media such as facebook encapsulate language of obscenity, vulgarity and indecency. Using the stylistic approach that considers style as choice, the paper contends that stylistic strategy of euphemism can be deployed to mitigate obscenity and vulgarity in the language of social media. An article on facebook “Letter to my Boss” serves as data for the analysis of obscenity in the language of social media. Linguistic contents of the article, purposively selected and placed in the first columns of both tables I & II, represent the stylistic choices of the writer, while the linguistic content on the second columns of the tables represents the available linguistic options open to the writer. The analysis reveals that the writer carefully selects his/her linguistic choices while ignoring other choices of the available options even though they contain the same meanings. This is perhaps done in order to mitigate the obscenity that the article would have portrayed. The paper therefore suggests that this euphemistic strategy can be deployed as stylistic choice in any literary piece where vulgarity and obscenity are inevitable.

Keywords: Language, Mitigation, Obscenity, Style, Taboo

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