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Opinion of Practicing Journalists in Port Harcourt on the Effects of Private Ownership of Media on News Reportage in Nigeria (Published)

This study evaluates the opinions of practicing journalists in Port Harcourt on the effects of private ownership of media on news reportage in Nigeria. In conducting the study, four research questions and three hypotheses were raised to guide the research. Gramsci’s theory of Hegemony and the Authoritarian theory provided theoretical support from the major variables in the study. A cross-sectional quantitative study design was adopted for this study. This design was deem fit for the study because it allowed the researchers to collect data from multiple individuals at a single point in time. The population of this study was 204 journalists in private media outlets in Rivers State, from where a sample size 135 utilized. After the analysis, the results showed that bribery and corruption were seen to significantly affect the opinion of journalists in private owned media outfits because of their vulnerability to these vices due to irregularity and inconsistency in remuneration by their proprietors. More so, findings revealed that the overbearing influence and control of the owners dictates that the opinion of these journalists which are further influenced by the religious sentiments of the proprietor(s) and goes to show that there is a significant effect of religious sentiments on the opinion of practicing journalists in Port Harcourt on news reportage. Finally, it was found that most of these privately owned media outfits are opened for the advancement of the political and economic interests of their owners which in turn influences the opinion of the journalists. Based on this findings, it was recommended that that private media entrepreneurs should endeavor to pay the salaries of their journalists regularly and provide other incentives and amenities always. Again, that media owners should limit their involvement and overbearing influence the newsroom and allow for the editorial board to perform its basic functions in line with the ethics and codes of the profession.

Keywords: Effects, Journalists, media news reportage, opinion, private ownership

Decolonizing The Parallel Marriage Ceremonies in the Ghanaian Context (Published)

This research sought to answer the double or parallel marriage rites performed by couples and how it affects the institution of marriage in Winneba in the Efutu Municipality of Ghana. A qualitative approach was used to provide a successful conduct of the research given the complexity of the phenomenon under study. The research design used for the study was case study. The targeted population for the study were married people who performed parallel marriage ceremonies, adults who have reached their marital age but are not married, parents, opinion leaders (pastors) and marriage counsellors. In all, fifteen individuals were purposively and conveniently chosen for the study. This consist of five (5) married individuals who performed parallel marriage ceremonies, four (4) unmarried individuals who have reached their marital but are not married, two (2) opinion leaders, two (2) parents and two (2) marriage counsellors. The purposive and convenience sampling techniques were used to select the elements such as married individuals who performed parallel marriages ceremonies, adult who have reached their marital age but are not married, parents and opinion leaders (pastors). Also, critical case sampling technique was used to sample the marriage counselors involved in the research work. A semi-structured interview guide was used for data collection. It was revealed that, the performance of parallel marriage ceremonies has contributed to the problems of marriage than it was ever imagined. Marriage is seen to be expensive venture by most of the unmarried individuals. This perception has created fear in the hearts of many unemployed and ungainful employed young individuals who have found their love but have no means to tie the knot. Cohabitation which was considered to be against societal norms many years ago, is now accepted and endorsed by society due to the rigorous dynamics involve in getting marriage these days.  It is, therefore, inferred from the conclusion and recommended that, the State and other agencies should come together to find better ways through which the effects of the performance of parallel marriage ceremonies on the institution of marriage can be reduced or eradicated.”


Keywords: Effects, Marriage, dual marriage, marriage ceremony, parallel marriage

Effects of Sports Participation on the Academic Performance of Senior High School Students in Mathematics (Published)

The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of engaging in sporting activities on the academic performance of students in mathematics at the senior high school level in the Cape Coast Metropolis. To ascertain the main objective of the study, descriptive survey design was employed. The study used 100 senior high school students comprising 59 student-athletes and 41 non-student athletes. For data collection, each respondent was presented with the research questionnaire designed for the study. The study revealed that, there is no statistically significant difference between the performance of student-athletes and non-student athletes in mathematics. The study, however, concluded that, sports participation has no negative effects on students-athletes’ academic performance in mathematics. What this finding implies is that, parents and mathematics teachers should not seize students from participating in sporting activities with the fear that participating in sports worsens academic performance.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Effects, learning time, sports participation

The Extent to Which the Lives of Women in Conflict Prone Areas Have Been Affected: A Case of West and North Pokot Sub Counties, Kenya (Published)

War affects women and men differently. Whenever there is a conflict, women and children are the most that are hard hit. This paper focuses on the extent to which women in West and North Pokot have been affected by conflicts. The study was carried out in Kanyarkwat location, Katikatmor sub-location and Kopulio location, Nakuyen sub location of West and North Pokot respectively. A survey research design was used, where questionnaires and interviews were the major data collection tools. Observation was used, to provide information and observe actual behavior of the respondents. The findings reveal that women are largely affected by conflicts reporting displacement, sicknesses due to lack of hygiene, losses of family members and property, poverty, lack of schools and lack of medical facilities as being prevalent. Women end up living in a state of hopelessness and helplessness because of conflict related issues. Peace building capacities should be advocated for, with women being fully involved. The government and other stake holders should look for ways of alleviating the illiteracy rate in such areas and create awareness on the importance of peace building campaigns

Keywords: Affected, Conflict, Effects, North Pokot., West Pokot, Women

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