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Decolonizing The Parallel Marriage Ceremonies in the Ghanaian Context


This research sought to answer the double or parallel marriage rites performed by couples and how it affects the institution of marriage in Winneba in the Efutu Municipality of Ghana. A qualitative approach was used to provide a successful conduct of the research given the complexity of the phenomenon under study. The research design used for the study was case study. The targeted population for the study were married people who performed parallel marriage ceremonies, adults who have reached their marital age but are not married, parents, opinion leaders (pastors) and marriage counsellors. In all, fifteen individuals were purposively and conveniently chosen for the study. This consist of five (5) married individuals who performed parallel marriage ceremonies, four (4) unmarried individuals who have reached their marital but are not married, two (2) opinion leaders, two (2) parents and two (2) marriage counsellors. The purposive and convenience sampling techniques were used to select the elements such as married individuals who performed parallel marriages ceremonies, adult who have reached their marital age but are not married, parents and opinion leaders (pastors). Also, critical case sampling technique was used to sample the marriage counselors involved in the research work. A semi-structured interview guide was used for data collection. It was revealed that, the performance of parallel marriage ceremonies has contributed to the problems of marriage than it was ever imagined. Marriage is seen to be expensive venture by most of the unmarried individuals. This perception has created fear in the hearts of many unemployed and ungainful employed young individuals who have found their love but have no means to tie the knot. Cohabitation which was considered to be against societal norms many years ago, is now accepted and endorsed by society due to the rigorous dynamics involve in getting marriage these days.  It is, therefore, inferred from the conclusion and recommended that, the State and other agencies should come together to find better ways through which the effects of the performance of parallel marriage ceremonies on the institution of marriage can be reduced or eradicated.”


Keywords: Effects, Marriage, dual marriage, marriage ceremony, parallel marriage

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