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Product Value Proposition (PVP) Framework Using Agile Methodologies and Marketing to Sustain Technological Startups (Published)

This research investigated the application of the Product Value Proposition (PVP) Framework, Agile techniques, and marketing to increase product-market fit and promote successful product adoption. The PVP Framework presented a methodical approach to building compelling value propositions that matched product attributes with customer wants. Agile methodologies enabled customer-centric product evolution through flexibility and iterative development. This study clarified the literature’s opinions on the concept.  It gave insight into achieving optimal product-market fit.  This was accomplished in this study by investigating the synergy of these ideas and their applications in product management and marketing. A thorough review of the literature and study of business value proposition models from previous studies in the literature aided in gaining a thorough understanding of this topic.


Keywords: Framework, Marketing, agile methodologies, product value proposition (PVP), sustain technological startups

Integrating Marketing and Finance to Increase Company Performance in Vuca World: A Case Study on Banking State-Owned Enterprise in Indonesia (MANDIRI, BRI, BTN, BNI) (Published)

Despite the tremendous improvements in global business, there are still disruptions that result in business failures that affect stakeholders. VUCA poses a slew of challenges for both newcomers and established players, including banks. This paper aims to analyse integration marketing dan finance to increase company performance in VUCA world of banking state-owned enterprise in Indonesia (Mandiri, BRI, BTN, BNI). This was a qualitative study that employed the analytical descriptive method. The findings indicate that marketing and finance integration has been adopted by Indonesia’s state-owned banks, including Mandiri, BNI, BRI, and BTN. These banks’ marketing integration results in optimalization of continuity budget marketing that is focused on digital marketing and client relationship marketing. These four banks do the integration of marketing and financial in order to increase perfomance of companies.

Keywords: Company Performance, Finance, Marketing, VUCA


A detailed analysis of the indices of organizational and marketing innovations has been examined in this study. The specific objectives duly analyzed were identification of the features of small scale flour marketing firms; analysis of the profitability and efficiency of the firms using income statement; ascertaining the determinants and indices of organizational, marketing and technological innovations. The technique of data collection was firstly a purposive sampling method to choose Aba and Umuahia Metropolis and small scale flour marketing firms and; secondly a random sampling selection technique was employed in selecting fifty specific firms for the study. The data elicited from sampling of fifty small scale flour marketing firms were analysed via descriptive statistics, income statement, probit and Ordinary Least Square Multiple regression analyses. The report from the results analyses showed that the significant indices of marketing innovation were price strategy, promotion strategy, distribution method, sales method, packaging and production strategies. On the other hand, significant indices of organizational innovation included work arrangement, quality management, motivation, use of promotion, product modification and employee schedule. The organizational innovation was highly significant than marketing innovation of small scale flour marketing firms in contributing towards enhancing the performance of small scale flour marketing firms. Thus, the organizational and marketing innovation indices analyzed in this work remained very significant and highly important tools for profitable marketing activity and in unlocking the marketing potentials of the firms and in encouraging competitive advantage over other firms that were indifferent about the strength of these organizational and marketing innovations. The study indicated that any small scale flour marketing firm that adopted for proper marketing and organizational innovations adapted successfully to emerging marketing challenges. Thus, it is recommended that small scale flour marketing firms should properly engage in organizational innovation involving work arrangement and effective employee work schedule which will contributing efficiently to better firm performance. Further, it is recommended that small scale flour marketing firms should include in their innovation portfolios price strategy, promotion strategy, distribution method, sales method, packaging, motivation, work arrangement, and product modification respectively which have the potentials to sustain the performance of the firms extensively.

Keywords: Determinants, Firm, Flour, Innovations, Marketing, Modeling, Organizational


Small and Medium Size Enterprises are the backbone of every major economy and empirical studies prove that small firms are more efficient and innovative in their operation, product development and marketing strategies. The objective of this research study is to analyze marketing practices (strategies) of Small and Medium Size Enterprises running entrepreneurs in Multan.This study is qualitative in nature in which we have studied the major characteristics of selected Small and Medium Size Enterprises. Primary Data was collected through a structured questionnaire by having interviews with the entrepreneurs. At least thirteen Small Medium Size Enterprises operating in Multan District were selected as a sample of study and a formal questionnaire was prepared. A field survey method was applied and faced to faced interviews were recorded to analyze the marketing strategies of SME’s. The evidences show that SME’s under study achieved success and established their names and brands through innovations. Their innovations were in the shape of unique designs that not only meet the need of customers. Their services are innovative in a sense that they satisfy the customers. Thus our consistent with previous studies which pinpoint that small medium enterprise are innovative and more efficient than large firms.

Keywords: Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Marketing, SMEs

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