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The research of this study is to define the objectivity of merger and acquisition impact in pre and post scenario of the event. The study has played with two parts, the first part of the study implement regression model with the help of accounting ratios of profitability and long term financial position ratios with score of bankruptcy. The second part of the study just analyzes the pre and post financial ratios and its trend over the period of time. The time period taken for the selected company PTCL is from 2003 to 2009, which covers the event. The results of first part of the study has shown that profitability and long term financial position of the company is producing a strong positive impact on the firm score of bankruptcy. The second part of financial ratio has seen that after acquisition the profitability of has declined significantly and it has affected the score of the bankruptcy i.e. Z-Score. The overall long term financial position is neither improved nor declined. It has shown a constant trend over the period of time in which the data is taken. It has been conclude that performance of PTCL has not improved over the period of time

Keywords: Acquisition, Bankruptcy, Long Term Financial Position, Merger, PTCL, Profitability, Regression, Z Score

Evaluation of Financial Health of Mmtc of India: A Z Score Model (Published)

Financial position of any company can be easily evaluated through its profitability, liquidity, solvency and activity ratios. Ratio analysis is one of the most easiest and competent tool to evaluate the financial soundness of a company. In this paper the financial health of MMTC has been evaluated by using ratio analysis and the chances of bankruptcy in the near future is evaluated with the help of Z score developed by Prof. Edward I. Altman (1968). From the study of five years (2007-08 to 2011-12), it is deduced from the analysis that profit earning capacity and short term investing capacity of MMTC is quite good, but its financing position of assets is comparatively poor. However the Z score value indicates that it is in a strong position, and it has no chances of being bankrupt in the next two years.

Keywords: Bankruptcy, Financial Performance, Ratio Analysis, Z Score

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