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The Process and Strategy of Internalizing the Value of Multicultural Education in Arabic Teaching (Published)

This study aims to find out the internalization of multiculturalism values through Arabic teaching at Islamic senior high schools in Palu city Indonesia. The integration of multiculturalism values in learning materials is considered very important to create students’ moderate attitudes toward ethnicity and cultural differences in schools’ daily life. This study was carried out using a case study qualitative approach. Data were gathered through field observation, and in-depth interviews with the school principal, teachers, and students. Our study found that multiculturalism values were integrated through the Arabic curriculum, lesson plans, learning material, and students’ activities. The multiculturalism values were reflected in the students’ daily life in the forms of ethnicity diversity tolerance, respect attitudes, and moderate behavior. Our study contributes to the body of knowledge in multiculturalism studies and practices by providing a new direction to multicultural integration strategies at the school level. Future studies should focus on how the broader context of studies such as by involving more than one case.

Keywords: Arabic learning, Multiculturalism, Strategy, internalization

The Impact of Learning-Based Learning Strategy through Discovery in the Development of Student Motivation towards Learning English in Jordan (Published)

The present study aimed to identify the impact of learning-based learning strategy through discovery in the development of student motivation towards learning English in Jordan. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher followed the analytical descriptive approach in terms of applying the study tool and data collection and analysis. The study found that there were (35) students from Deir Al-Liat secondary school for girls. The study found that there is an impact on the strategy of learning based on learning through discovery in the development of motivation Lab about learning English in Jordan, the researcher recommended to circulate the results of the current study by the Jordanian Ministry of Education on the various directorates to take advantage of the results in raising the students’ motivation to learn English.

Keywords: Discovery, Motivation, Strategy

Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning Strategy on the Achievement and Mathematical Writing of Preparatory Year Students at Najran University (Published)

The problem of low academic achievement in mathematics at university is one of the most important educational and psychological issues that may lead to students’ suffering, failure, and poor personal and social adjustment. The present study aimed to address the impact of project-based strategy on the promotion of the academic achievement and mathematical writing of the preparatory year students at Najran University. The present study was applied to fifty students enrolled in the “Introduction to Mathematics” course in the second semester of the academic year 2016/2017. Quasi-experimental approach was used. Results of data analysis indicated that there were significant differences between the means scores of participants in the control and experimental groups in the academic achievement and mathematical writing due to the use of project-based strategy that was used during the course period.

Keywords: Achievement, Mathematical Writing, Najran University, Preparatory Year Students, Project-Based Learning, Strategy

The Use of Motivational Teaching Strategies of Teaching Business Education at Botho University in Botswana (Published)

The purpose of this study was to examine how frequently and effectively lecturers use motivational teaching strategies in their teaching of business education to undergraduate students at Botho University. A number of authorities allude to the fact that the choice and use of teaching strategies are critical factors in the success of the teaching/learning process. It is also shown in literature that motivational teaching strategies give ownership of the learning process to the students and hence is a highly stimulating way of ensuring students are actively engaged and benefit from their learning. The study assumed a quantitative approach with a structured questionnaire that employed a five-point Likert scale used for data collection. The SPSS version 21 was used for data analysis. Results of the study showed that most of the lecturers teaching at undergraduate level at Botho University frequently and effectively use motivational teaching strategies

Keywords: Strategy, active learning, motivational teaching strategies, student engagement, teaching strategy

Drama: A Strategy Facilitating Equal Access and Enablement for Students with Hearing Impairment in an Inclusive School Environment (Published)

Keywords: Drama, Enablement, Equal Access, School Environment, Strategy, Students Hearing Impairment

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