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Examining Principals’ Personnel Management Skills: The Interplay of Human Relations and Instructional Supervision in Delta State Secondary Schools (Published)

This study examined principals’ personnel management skills: the interplay of human relations and instructional supervision in Delta State secondary schools. It was guided by two research questions and hypotheses respectively. The research employed a correlational survey method within an ex-post-facto design. The study encompassed a population of 15,322 principals and teachers from Delta State Secondary Schools, from which a purposive sample of 380 principals and teachers was selected. The research utilized the Principals’ Personnel Management Skills of Human Relations and Instructional Supervision Questionnaire (PPMSHRISQ) as the instrument for data collection. Data analysis involved mean rating to address the research questions, while hypotheses were tested utilizing Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) at a significance level of 0.05. Findings revealed that to a high extent, human relations and instructional supervision contribute significantly to effective personnel management by principals, in Delta State Secondary Schools. In conclusion, this study unveils crucial insights into the dynamics of personnel management by principals in Delta State Secondary Schools. It is evident from the data that both human relations and instructional supervision play substantial roles in contributing to effective personnel management. It was recommended that educational authorities and school leadership should prioritise professional development for principals, as human relations play a significant role in effective personnel management. These programmes should emphasise healthy connections, efficient communication, and a friendly workplace.

Keywords: Delta State, Human-Relations., Instructional Supervision, Secondary Schools, principals' personnel management skills

The degree of the practice of human relations with the principals of government schools in the first Blue Education Directorate from the point of view of the teachers (Published)

The present study aimed at measuring the degree of human relations with the principals of government schools in the blue first education from the point of view of the parameters Directorate , and to achieve the main study goal of the researcher on the descriptive and analytical approach adopted , as the study sample consisted of ( 35 ) , a teacher, and the study found that the degree of exercise Humanitarian relations among school principals is high, and the study recommended the need to strengthen human relations within public schools by principals and principals, because of its importance in raising the level of education in Jordan.

Keywords: Human-Relations., Principals, Teachers, public schools

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