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Design and Construction of a Locally Fabricated Serigraphy Machine for Curve/Flat Printing Substrates (Published)

The study aimed at designing and producing a serigraphy machine that prints on both curve and flat surfaces. Various methods of printing such as dye sublimation, heat transfer and screen printing are employed to print on fabric and other allied printing substrates in Nigeria. However, screen printing is one of the oldest forms of printing and one of the most popular method. The “Development of a Locally Fabricated Serigraphy Printer for Curve and Flat Surfaces” has become imperative. The sketches were made based on the conceptual idea and were later drawn with the aid 3D application software (Autodesk Fusion 360) installed in the computer system. The 3D drawings were used as guide to construct the serigraphy machine in the workshop. The machine which is manually operated comes with an adjustable squeegee, an adjustable metallic frame which holds the screen during printing, and a spring attached to the frame holder which holds the frame taut during printing without the aid of an assistant. The squeegee can be stationed and moved manually depending on whether the printing being done on curved or flat substrates. The Serigraphy Printer for Curve and Flat Surfaces is 602.5mm long, 450mm wide and 510mm high its size and weight afford for ease of carriage. The adjustable metallic frame which holds the frame can be adjusted to suit any screen size; ranging from (500mm by 350mm) to (300mm by 22.86m). The main findings of the study were that the objective of developing a serigraphy machine from locally sourced material, that prints on both curve and flat surfaces was realised, also it was discovered that the printing did not leave room for rough prints. The study concluded that by recommending that the “Serigraphy Printer for Curve and Flat Surfaces” is adopted by the local printers to enhance their occupation, and schools to aid teaching.

Keywords: Construction, Design, Development, Fabrication, screen printing, serigraphy, substrate

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