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Remote Working: Entrepreneurial Risk and Entrepreneurial Survival in the Micro firms in Niger-Delta, Nigeria (Covid-19 Pandemic Prospects) (Published)

This study examined the relationship between entrepreneurial risk and entrepreneurial survival in micro firms in Niger-Delta, Nigeria via remote working. The study adopted ex-post facto design and correlational design. The study used purposive sampling techniques. A total population of 2308, sample size of 341 was determined using Taro Yamane’s formula at 0.05 level of significance. Also, 314 copies of questionnaire were distributed to the respondents, while 317 copies were completed and retrieved. The instruments were validated, also reliability above 0.7 co-efficient, using Cronbach Alpha technique. The reliability coefficient analysis was operational risk (α =.878), strategic risk (α=866), remote risk (α=874) and innovation (α=884). Three research questions and three hypotheses were raised which was tested with Ordinary Least Square Method (OLSM) of regression analysis and KMO/Barllet’s test for the sampling adequacy for data appropriateness and sphericity respectively via SPSS 25 version. From the findings, the concept of entrepreneurial risk creates positive impact on innovation. In conclusion, operational risk and strategic risk have significant influence on the entrepreneurial survival of the micro firms. Based on the findings and conclusion, this study contributes to the knowledge that managing operational and strategic risk with Rogers innovation theory based on working from home, the micro firm to be on the leading edge rather than the bleeding edge.  It could be recommended that to be able to manage operative risk and strategic risk in a better proficiency, entrepreneurs should understand how to integrate remote working strategies during the covid-19 pandemic.

Citation: Ovharhe, Orugba Harry ,  Woko, Emmaunel Boma  and Ezeocha Vernitius Uchenna (2021) Remote Working: Entrepreneurial Risk and Entrepreneurial Survival in the Micro Firms in Niger-Delta, Nigeria (Covid-19 Pandemic Prospects), International Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research, Vol.9, No.4, pp.11-28

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic, Innovation, Operational Risk, remote working, strategic risk

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