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Adoption of Solar PV in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunity (Published)

The increasing global demand for energy and sustainable development have led to the adoption of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology as a promising solution. Developing countries, with diverse challenges and aspirations, are at a pivotal juncture where solar PV adoption can catalyze transformative change. This study reviews the adoption of solar photovoltaics in developing countries with emphasis on challenges and opportunities. This study discusses the State of Solar PV, Challenges of Solar PV in Developing Countries, and Opportunities and areas of applications. Developing counties are on the verge of a dramatic opportunity in the transition to sustainable energy. International help, in the form of loans, grants, technical support, and cooperative alliances, is a ray of hope, sparking the momentum required to spur the adoption of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. The crucial role that international collaboration plays in promoting the deployment of solar energy, drawing conclusions from case studies that demonstrate the potential for cooperative efforts to expedite development and create a cleaner, more equitable energy environment. Tanzania serves as an example of how demand for energy solutions may encourage creativity. Haiti, a country that struggles with energy poverty, serves as an example of how international cooperation may be vital to sustainable development. The Solar Market Gardens project was started by the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), in collaboration with regional groups and foreign funders. This project increased agricultural production in Haiti.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, developing countries, energy access, environmental benefits, limitations, solar photovoltaic, technological innovation

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