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Narrative Review of Predictors of Academic Performance in Nursing


This narrative review examines the diverse range of factors that predict academic performance in nursing education within the context of Nigeria. The review synthesizes existing literature to identify the multifaceted predictors that influence students’ success in nursing programs. Through a comprehensive analysis, this review highlights the interconnected nature of these predictors, emphasizing their significance for students, educators, institutions, and policymakers. Drawing on a wide range of studies, this review underscores the crucial role of prior academic performance, entrance examination scores, and effective study habits as key determinants of academic success. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation, clinical performance, and the role of support systems in shaping students’ achievements. The review delves into the impact of personal characteristics, and socio-demographic characteristics, along with their implications for academic outcomes. Furthermore, the review acknowledges the influence of cultural and socioeconomic factors on academic performance, showcasing the need for tailored approaches that address the unique needs of diverse student populations. It also highlights the relevance of health and well-being, technology literacy, and effective communication skills as important predictors in the dynamic landscape of nursing education. In conclusion, this narrative review provides a comprehensive understanding of the intricate predictors that impact academic performance in nursing education in Nigeria. By recognizing these predictors and developing strategies to support them, educators, institutions, and policymakers can collaboratively enhance the quality of nursing education, cultivate proficient nursing professionals, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare in the region.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Nursing, predictors

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