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Gaps Between NGOS Polices and Their Implementation in The North West Region, Cameroon


Non-Governmental Organisations occupy a big spot in community development, on the other hand, their involvement in community development has little or zero impact on their beneficiaries as most communities continue to live in poverty. NGOs in the North West region of Cameroon are not different from the above given the involvement of Non-Governmental Organisations in developmental programmes but the level of poverty continues to be high in some communities served by these NGOs.  This has become a great concern in Cameroon as Non-Governmental Organisations have been existing in this country for years. On the other hand, deficiency is getting deeper and wider in the same areas serviced by these organisations. This paper analyses the challenges hindering Non-Governmental Organisations programmes from producing positive impact in the North West region of Cameroon. One objective was projected for the study ‘’understanding the perception of Non-Governmental Organisations personnel and their project beneficiaries on why Non-Governmental Organisations programmes are not yielding satisfaction’’. A qualitative approach and sustainable livelihood approach were used. The findings show that the studied Non-Governmental Organisations have good community development programmes, nevertheless, their programmes are not yielding benefits because they failed to recognize and build on their beneficiaries’ strengths. In most circumstances they were using top-down approach instead of bottom-top approach which recognises the strengths of the beneficiaries as a result their programmes continue to fail. The study strongly recommends that NGOs and the government should apply Sustainable livelihood approach if they really want a positive impact in their program since the approach stresses that any meaningful strategy or programme to yield satisfaction, the beneficiaries of the programmes should be at the core of the programme from the beginning to the end. This study may add more insight into the ways in which NGOs frame their programmes

Keywords: Cameroon, Implementation, NGOS polices, North West Region

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