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Teachers’ Readiness for Information and Communication Technology in Teaching of Biology in Secondary Schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigates the readiness of teachers for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) integration in the teaching of Biology in secondary schools within Emure Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. The research aims to assess students’ performance in Biology, examine the availability and utilization of ICT for teaching Biology, and explore the potential influence of ICT on students’ performance. A descriptive survey design was employed, with data collected from 10 Biology teachers and 90 students across five secondary schools in Emure-Ekiti. The research instruments, Information and Technology Equipment Checklist (ITEC) and Biology Performance Inventory (BPI), were used to gather data on ICT availability, utilization, and students’ performance in Biology. The study revealed a low level of availability and utilization of ICT facilities in the sampled schools. However, the level of students’ performance in Biology was found to be moderate. The findings suggest that the availability and extent of ICT utilization have a significant impact on students’ performance in Biology. Recommendations include government intervention to provide ICT facilities in secondary schools, enforcement of ICT utilization through inspectorate departments, and active engagement of Biology teachers in incorporating ICT tools in their teaching methods.


Keywords: Biology, ICT, Teachers’ Readiness, Teaching

Evaluating the Use of Information Communication Technology and Its Full Integration into the Educational System in University of Jos (Published)

In this present age globally, information and communication technology has transformed the educational system positively. Africa, Nigeria in particular, is not left out in the quest for full automated education. This study evaluated the use of information communication technology and its full integration into the educational system in University of Jos. Five research objectives and questions were designed to find out the level of use of different ICT platforms for teaching and learning. The study adopted the descriptive survey design. The population and sample size of the study consisted of 100 academic staff, non-academic staff and students. The instruments for data collection were an online questionnaire and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). Descriptive statistics of percentages were used to analyse the data. The result of study revealed that the level of ICT integration into the university of Jos educational system is fairly in place. Based on the findings, the study recommended that there should be adequate funding to take care of the numerous challenges and intended policies outlined. It also recommended that effective mechanism be put in place to monitor its disbursement and implementation of such funds.

Keywords: Education, ICT gadgets, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Learning, Teaching

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