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Air Pollution: A Threat to the Efficiency of Porous Pavements


Over the years the world has been detecting and monitoring the increase in surface temperature. The vast majority of scientists have named it the phenomenon of global warming resulting in climate change. The Metropolitan Region of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in recent years, accompanied the increase in air pollution by the transport sector and concluded that the sector contributes to these climatic phenomena in local and global levels. Many strategies have been developed to minimize the impacts of this and other sources of emissions to the environment. New research and technological advances must be deployed immediately to try to mitigate the adverse effects of climate on Earth and prevent natural disasters, such as happens quite often nowadays. This study draws attention to another type of pollution, extremely dependent on air pollution: impacts of the use and occupation. Nevertheless, it highlights the importance of monitoring the temperature of the earth’s crust, to confirm that surface temperatures and below increased proportionately. The porous pavements, even in small patches, are important to contribute to the balance of the ecosystem but the quality of air we breathe is both harmful to health on the ground that receives it. So educate the public about the harmful effects of air pollution unimaginable is the bottleneck for the replacement of traditional waterproof decks for porous pavements and as a consequence, facilitate the exchange liquid and gas, so necessary in the process of cleaning up and slowing global warming.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Climate, Earth Crust, Natural Disaster, Surface Temperature

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