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Circular Economy Innovations in Small and Medium Enterprises in Ngong Town Kajiado County, Kenya for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (Published)

Circular economy emerged as way of managing waste, lessening resource uses, and preventing environmental deterioration. Circular economy is being developed and implemented in governmental, business and academic settings mainly in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12. Waste generated from residents in Ngong town has built up landfills and has clogged sewer lines and pathways. These wastes encompass various forms of electrical, plastics and electronic appliances that have ceased to be of any value to their owners. These types of wastes can have harmful effects on humans and the physical environment. Waste require special handling and disposal techniques due to their hazardous properties as they may be toxic, carcinogenic, flammable including other effects. This study explored the circular economy innovations in SMEs in Ngong town as contribution to addressing this problem. The study specific objectives were, to find out the circular economy innovations, to identify opportunities and to determine the factors that influence circular economy innovations in Ngong town. A sample of forty owners/operators of SMEs in Ngong town was conveniently selected and interviewed using a questionnaire. It was found that a number of innovations were implemented and only 67.5% had knowledge of circular economy. The SMEs had customers who can buy product from their innovations, and there were factors that influenced circular economy innovations such as government policies and regulations, lack of infrastructure, financial resources, and partnerships.For SMEs to move from linear to circular economy in Ngong town, the study recommends training on circular economy innovations and the county government of Kajiado should implement policies and regulations that promote the circular economy innovations for the protection of the market and environmental sustainability.

Keywords: Environment, Innovations, SME, Sustainability, circular economy

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