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Evaluation of Non-Formal Education Management in Pandeglang, Banten: Opportunities and Challenges


This study aims to analyze the conditions for implementing non-formal education in the Pandeglang area, Banten, as well as exploring future opportunities and challenges. In this study, the author will describe the results of the evaluation of non-formal education management, especially in the Pandeglang area, Banten. The author will explain opportunities that can be exploited in increasing the effectiveness of non-formal education programs, as well as identify challenges that need to be overcome. This study is a descriptive-qualitative study. Data was collected through literature study and direct observation of researchers. The data obtained will be analyzed using qualitative analysis methods that focus on the important points of the existing findings. The results of the study show that there are several problems and initial conditions that give rise to potential for development and challenges that must be resolved by all parties involved in the implementation of non-formal education in the Pandeglang area, Banten. There are 5 (five) main points analyzed regarding the practice of providing non-formal education, namely: general conditions of non-formal education, government policies, facilities and infrastructure, units involved, and education participants. This study also states that continuous evaluation and improvement of non-formal education programs is very important. Resource allocation and monitoring problems can be corrected through a quality management approach, which involves monitoring, performance measurement, and continuous improvement actions. Through the application of educational management principles, the Pandeglang regional government has the opportunity to improve the implementation of non-formal education.

Keywords: Non-formal education, education facility, educational evaluation, government policy

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