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Imperativeness of Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria on Teaching Professionalism of Teachers in Secondary School in Nigeria


This paper examines imperativeness of Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria on Teaching   Professionalism of Teachers in Secondary   Schools. Teacher Registration Council act as for reaching implication for the teaching profession in post primary education in Nigeria contributed meaningfully to the teaching and learning of the students. However, this reality can be appreciated by the   fact the content of the TRCN Act is one and control with the contents of the Acts that established the council regulates the teaching. Presently, it is compulsory for all qualified and trained teachers to belong to the members after participated in examination and passed the examination.  Yet, anyone of the teacher who does not belong to their member is not qualified to teach especially public in secondary schools in Nigeria. In addition, TRCN improves teaching in all pubic secondary schools in Nigeria. Similarly, it also improves   the   academic   performance of   students. yet, it creates room for only qualified, trained and intelligent teachers in all secondary schools. Undoubtedly, Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria make the teaching as professionalism like other fields in Nigeria. Consequently, it does not create room for non – qualified teachers to teach the students in all public secondary in Nigeria.  

Keywords: Academic, Council, Performance, Profession, Registration, Secondary, Teaching, imperativeness, professionalism, trained

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