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Revitalizing Counsellor Education for Peace and National Integration in Nigeria: Rehabilitating a Nation in Trauma. (Published)

In Nigeria, there are issues of terrorism, youth restiveness, hate speech, disintegration, lawlessness occasioned by kidnapping, ritual killings, banditry, armed robbery, as well as heightened corruption among other vices. Issues of this nature need the role of counsellors when stakeholders are formulating critical policies for national integration. Nigeria is currently in trauma having been besieged on all fronts by all manner of impunity in all facets of our national life. Hence, it is on this premise that this paper examined how counsellor education can be rebranded and revitalized to mitigate the scourge of all these threats to our nationhood. In this paper, the authors underscored the need to revitalize counsellor education to produce counsellors that can effectively use appropriate counselling skills and approaches to foster peace and national integration in Nigeria. virtues such as religious tolerance, patriotism, dignity of labour, peaceful co-existence, unity in diversity, honesty among others have been conceptualized as veritable instruments for peace and national integration through counsellor education in theory and practice. Consequent upon this, the authors recommended that well trained counsellors should enlighten students on the need for unity and integration among Nigerians. Seminars and workshops should equally be organized by counsellors in collaboration with the government, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in order to discuss and tackle contemporary issues for peace and national integration and stability.


Keywords: National integration, Peace, Rehabilitation, Revitalization, counsellor education

The Place of Peace Education as a Panacea for Global Security (Published)

This paper explains the meaning of the following concepts: Peace, Violence and War, Global Security and Peace Education. It states that education despite being an instrument per excellence for achieving positive national and global goals, have been used by some nations to perpetuate hate instead of using it to instil a culture of peace. Peace education is therefore the only type of education required in creating a culture of peace in the minds of youths and as such should be used to achieve global security. The paper also suggested five ways global security could be achieved through peace education which are; raising global citizens, building a culture of peace, creating economic development and eradicating poverty, acquiring conflict resolution skills, and raising friends of the earth and environmental peace builders. The paper concludes by with some implications of the understanding of peace, violence and war, which include the need to ensure justice, welfare and access to education for all as necessary actions to ensure peace and global security.  

Keywords: Global Security, Peace, Peace Education, Violence

Effect of Behavioural Modification Therapy on Attitude of Youths towards Peace Building in Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated the effect of Behavioural Modification Therapy on youth’ attitude towards peace building in Maiduguri metropolis, Borno State-Nigeria. Three null hypotheses were raised and tested using t-test and one-way ANOVA. Quasi-experimental design was adopted where participants were exposed to Behavioural Modification  Therapy for a period of four weeks training. Twenty youths with poor attitude towards peace building were selected for the study in Maiduguri metropolis.Attitude of youths, towards peace building questionnaires (AYTPBQ) was used for the study. Its Cronbach Alpha reliability obtained was .891. The results revealed that there were no significant age, gender and religious differences on attitude of youths towards peace building in Maiduguri  metropolis.  Effect of Behavioural Modification Therapy on the attitude of youths towards building were found to be significant. That is Behavioural Modification Therapy brought about significant change in youth’s attitude   toward peace building. Based on the findings, it was concluded that Behavioural Modification Therapy would change youth’s attitude towards peace building. It was recommended that counsellors should engage youths in counselling to change their attitude, violence, thereby reducing their participation in violent activities. That is, youths involvement with violent groups will be minimized when there is effective counselling.

Keywords: Building and Youths, Peace, attitude

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