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Nigeria; learning environment

An Evaluation of Students Attitude towards Project Writing in Selected Universities of South-West Nigeria (Published)

This paper explored students’ attitude towards project writing in selected universities of South-West Nigeria. Studies reveal that students’ attitude at different levels of education influences a variety of factors, including how they learn, what they learn, teaching methods, student/lecturers relationship, and successful completion of assignments including writing tasks. The study aims to establish the interrelation of a student’s mental approach to project writing by gathering data on their learning experiences based on instruction within the formal learning environment. The study adopts a descriptive survey design. This study sources data from 314 students enrolled for Library Science, Information, and Communications Technology in three different universities. The result shows a meaningful predictive effect of writing attitude and environmental factors on project writing performance of students. The students also perceived that their knowledge can be updated regularly through ecological actions. The overall results indicate a moderate contribution of attitude/behavior and environmental variables to how students approach their project writing tasks

Keywords: Nigeria; learning environment, attitude, ecological; project writing, personal characteristics; social learning theory, undergraduates; attitude

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