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Financing Basic Education in Nigeria: The Alternative Methods (Published)

The existing methods of funding public schools under the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme is not adequate to meet the needs of the schools in Nigeria. This is causing a degradation in academic standards, facilities and equipment and poor outcomes among the learners.  Alternative sources of raising public funds to finance basic education have come into focus. Such attention has become important because basic education plays a very vital role in an educational system. These new strategies come as complements to the traditional modes through which schools can access needed fund, objectively to improve schools and achievements among learners.

Keywords: Basic Education, Financing, Nigeria, alternative methods, schools


The study examined the Believe of teachers about parents involvement in girl child education in the Federal Capital Territory, This is because the way at which the teachers believe the parents as a stakeholder in education involve and do their responsibility as parents has a lot of implication on the education of a Girl Child. Even though teacher as a stakeholder have a lot of role to play but a collaborative effort between parents and teachers on girl child education is more to be desired. It also aims at assessing the extent to which parents involvement in classroom teaching is perceived by teachers with less / higher qualifications. A descriptive survey research design of the expo-facto type was adopted for this study, A Teachers Believe about Parents Involvement in Girl Child Education and Financining Questionnaire (TBIGCEFQ) was used for data collection. The paper came up with some relevant recommendations.

Keywords: Child Education, Financing, Girl, Parents Involvement, Teachers

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