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Evaluation and Critical Reflection on The Listening and Speaking Activities Taught in an English for Specific Purpose Course (Published)

The following paper is a combination of two assignments for the Master’s program “The Teaching of English as a Foreign/ International Language”. It concerns the evaluation and critical reflection on the listening and speaking activities offered to an adult learners’ course during their “English Terminology for Paramedics” class, along with a redesigned lesson plan. The paper analyses the students’ profiles, describes the listening activities used in a particular unit, evaluates them, and suggests improvements to their teaching. An evaluation of the speaking activities based on Johnson’s principles and Nation’s features, a redesigned lesson plan based on the Communicative Language Approach, and a critical evaluation on it follow.


Keywords: Adult Learning, Communicative Competence, ESL, ESP

The Effect of Web 2.0 Writing Tools (Blogs/ Wikis) On Developing Writing Skills (Published)

This study aimed to compare the effect of using web 2.0 writing tools blogs to wikis on developing third preparatory students’ English language writing skills. A two-group experimental design was used:  the first experimental group studied through the blog application while the second one studied through the wiki application. The sample consisted of 30 students, fifteen of them were in the first experimental group, and the others resembled the second experimental one. The sample was randomly contributed to the both groups. The research instrument was a writing skills test to measure students’ writing skills. T-Test was used to compare between the two groups and to determine the significance of the differences. Findings revealed the effect of the two writing tools blogs and wikis on developing third preparatory students’ writing skills and there is no significant difference between blogs and wikis.

Keywords: Blogs, EFL, ESL, Web 2.0 Writing Tool, Wikis, Writing Skills

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