International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Studies (IJEEES)

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International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Studies (IJEEES)

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Studies (IJEEES) is a peer-reviewed and referred journal published in March, June, September and December by the European Centre for Research, Training and Development (ECRTD), UK.

IJEEES welcomes research papers in Electromagnetism: Physical Laws, Control Engineering: Control Theory, System Properties, System Modeling, Controllers, Control Applications: Electronics, Electrical Network/Circuit, Circuit Laws , Electrical Element/Discretes, Passive Elements, Active Elements, Semiconductors: Diode, Thyristor, Transistor, Triac Power Engineering: Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Processes, Electric Vehicles: Electric Motor, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Plug-in Hybrid, Rechargeable Battery, Vehicle-to-Grid, Signal Processing: Analog Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing Quantization, Sampling , Audio Signal Processing: Audio Noise Reduction, Speech Processing, Equalization, Digital Image Processing , Data Compression, Filtering Instrumentation: Actuator, Electric Motor, Oscilloscope Telecommunication: Telephone; Mobile Phone , Wireless Network, Modulation, Channel (communications), Information Theory , Digital Television, Digital Audio Broadcasting, Satellite Radio, Satellite and other related areas.

The journal is published in both online and printed versions.



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