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A Second Look at Education in Ex-colonies: A Case for Policy (Re)thinking (Published)

This review of arguments around formal education (schooling) acknowledges the developmental externalities of schooling and suggests that school organisation, knowledge practices and language of instruction in ex-colonies require review to serve national agendas. The arguments developed in the paper provided evidence that educational outcomes are not the same, especially in ex-colonies of Africa. It argues, that schooling in ex-colonies tend to de-historicise students and uproot them from their cultural heritage as colonialism does. As such, ex-colonies face national security risks associated with cultural epistemicide, for the loss of indigeneity including loss of indigenous knowledge, language and national identity. Therefore, there is need for a situated analysis of the political economy of knowledge production in order to deconstruct whose knowledge and interest schooling serves in ex-colonies. It is important for educational policy makers and school administrators to take a second look at schooling in terms of how it accords certain privileges and legitimacy to certain forms of knowing while invalidating indigeneity – Indigenous knowledge, culture and identity in ex-colonies.

Keywords: Education, Security, anti-colonial, ex-colonies, identities, indigeneity

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