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Examination of The Causes of Realignment of Electricity Wayleaves in South-East Nigeria


The research is a study of causes of realignment of electricity wayleaves in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The aim of the study is to examine the causes of realignment of electricity wayleaves in South-East, Nigeria with a view to enhance revocation and compensation process. The study identifies causes of realignment of electricity wayleaves in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The study covered Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo state. The total population of this study is 4304 comprises of 465 Estate Surveyors and Valuers, 422 Revoking Authority staff comprises of ESV consultants of TCN for the revocation and compensation exercise and ESV employees of TCN, and 3,417 Affected Rights Holders. A sample of 1031 was drawn from the five states and questionnaires were administered for the collection of data. The analytical tools used are tables, frequencies and percentages. The statistical model adopted for the study is the mean ranking, Relative Importance Index, and Pearson product moment correlation coefficient. The result of the study showed that engineering factor is the major cause of realignment of power line. It also revealed that Short notice given to ARHs on realignment route, Reason of realignment not explained to ARHs and Delay payment of compensation that ranked first with (RII = 4.63) is the major challenges faced by the ARHs. and the exercise was perceived to cause disunity and disaffection among community. The study revealed also that there is no difference between causes of realignment before and after assessment. The research recommended formation of committee for serious monitoring of the exercise and as such the exercise will foment unity rather than disunity and disaffection among committee.


Keywords: Causes, affected rights holders and estate surveyors and valuers, electricity wayleaves, power line, realignment, revoking authority

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