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Assessment of Servqual Approach in The Management of Leasehold Properties of N.R.C in South-West, Nigeria


A major gap exists between users (occupants’) expectations on the real estate services promised and the actual real estate services that is provided to the occupiers. Examining the impact this gap has on the perception of users (occupants) of the real estate services cannot be over-emphasized. It is observed that most staff of public real estate organization do not understand the content of service quality (SERVQUAL). This research examined SERVQUAL approach in the management of leasehold properties of Nigeria Railway Corporation (N.R.C) by Railway Property Management Company Limited (R.P.M.C.L) in South-West, Nigeria. The study adopts stratified random sampling technique that accommodates every segment of the population. Data for the study were obtained from the users of leasehold properties of Nigerian Railway Corporation in the study area through the use of structured questionnaire, and were analyzed using tables, percentage and descriptive summary. The study revealed the absence of e-channel for communication between users (occupants) of N.R.C leasehold properties and management of R.P.M.C.L in the study area, no service quality office and inadequate RPMCL offices in the study area. The study recommends creation of e-communication channels in the study area, increase in skilled man-power, creation of more offices and equipping staff of Railway Property Management Company Limited with the knowledge of service quality (SERVQUAL) instrument.

Keywords: Management, Quality, R.P.M.C.L and N.R.C., SERVQUAL, Service

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