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An Analysis of Revocation of Right of Occupancy for Unity and Pocket Layouts by Anambra State Government


The study focused on the Analysis of Government Revocation of Rights of Occupancy for Layouts in Nkpor and Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. Proper management of revocation of right of occupancy and compensation is key to a successful land acquisition. In Anambra State, some of the revocations made by the State government are marred with irregularities. Firstly, problems may arise where the initial purpose of the revocation of right of occupancy communicated to the landowners is not maintained. Secondly, the rightful owners not being officially notified that their lands were taken over by the government at the onset.Thirdly, delay in payment of compensation, or payment of what may seem not to be adequate compensation to the dispossessed landowners. These facts are evident on the land held by Anambra State government in Nkpor town since 1976 formally for Teaching Hospital and Government Reserved Area (GRA) as a grant from the community, later the right of occupancy revoked again for School of Health and Unity Layout, as well as the revocation of right of occupancy done in Umuoramma village, Awka for a housing estate as far back as 2001. The objectives are: to examine the provisions of the Land Use Act of 1978 on revocation of right of occupancy, and payment of compensation, to identify the roles of the relevant stakeholders for an effective dispensation of revocation of right of occupancy, and the payment of compensation, to examine the various problems inherent in the entire processes of revocation of right of occupancy and payment of compensation relating to the subject revocations under study.Works of other scholars on the subject were looked into. Data were obtained from questionnaires administered to the 153 affected landowners in the study area, out of the 250 affected members using Taro Yamani’s formula, 50 registered private Estate Surveyors and Valuers, and those in the Ministry of Lands, Physical Planning and Rural Development. Reconnaissance survey and oral interview were employed. Data collected were statistically analyzed with the use of bar-charts, percentages and analysis of variance (ANOVA) to test the hypothesis. Finally, the findings and the conclusion were drawn. The results of findings were as follows:

Keywords: Anambra state government, pocket layouts, revocation, right of occupancy, unity

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