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Differentials in Poverty Levels of Cocoa Farmer Cooperators and Non-Cooperators in Southwestern Nigeria (Published)

The study examined the differentials in poverty levels of cocoa farmer cooperators and non-cooperators in southwestern Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used in selecting 156 cooperators and 156 non-cooperators from the study area. Data obtained were analysed using descriptive statistics, p-alpha measures of poverty, and tobit regression model. The monthly mean per adult equivalent household expenditure of the cooperators and non-cooperators were N9298.12 ($47.19) and N5333.03 ($27.1) respectively. The incidence, depth and severity of poverty among the cooperators were 25.00%, 5.32% and 1.59% while those of non-cooperators were 40.38%, 14.68% and 6.41% respectively. Tobit regression analysis results revealed that, cooperative membership, credit and occupation were negatively related to poverty depth, while household size, farm size and farming experience, were positively related to poverty depth.

Keywords: Cocoa, cooperators, differentials, non-cooperators, poverty levels, tobit regression model.

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