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Development of Data Management in the Implementation of Electronic-based Government in Serang Regency (Published)

This research develops data management in the implementation of electronic-based governance in Serang Regency by examining empirically the application of data management. The data collection technique used is Library Research on secondary data. Literature study was conducted to obtain secondary data in examining in depth the object of study. Data analysis was carried out using the content analysis approach. The results of the research on the implementation of SPBE Data Management for the Government of Serang Regency are carried out through the One Data Indonesia organizer according to their duties and authorities. Coordinating the preparation of the Serang Regency SPBE Data Architecture, which in the end resulted in alignment of agency-level SPBE Data Architecture and Regional-level SPBE Data Architecture with the national SPBE Data Architecture. . Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that the Master Data and Reference Data that have been agreed upon are the results of coordination between Regional Apparatus Organizations in the Serang Regency environment. Data Quality Management is carried out to guarantee that the Data produced by Data Producers adheres to the principle of One Data Indonesia; and can be updated according to the data update schedule. Data Quality Planning is carried out by the Serang District Indonesia One Data Forum.

Keywords: Data Management, E-Governance, E-government, digital service

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