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Service Quality

Impact of Employee Engagement On Service Quality in Nigerian Public Agencies (Published)

This study investigates the connection between employee engagement and service quality in the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), which is a key player in Nigeria’s financial sector. This study examines three key dimensions of employee engagement – absorption, vigor, and dedication – and their effects on service quality, specifically focusing on the responsiveness dimension of the SERVQUAL model. This study is important because there is a lack of representation of AMCON and similar institutions in the existing literature, particularly within the context of Nigeria’s unique financial landscape. This study utilized a mixed-methods approach that included quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with AMCON employees. The analysis employed the SERVQUAL model to evaluate service quality and multiple regression analysis to explore the influence of each engagement dimension. The findings of this study are expected to contribute to a theoretical understanding of the impact of employee engagement on service quality within the asset management sector. Additionally, this study aims to provide practical insights for AMCON, potentially improving service delivery strategies and effectiveness in fulfilling its mandate. The broader implications of this study extend to similar asset management entities in emerging economies, providing a comparative perspective, and understanding of these dynamics in diverse economic and regulatory environments.

Keywords: Employee Engagement, Nigeria, Responsiveness, SERVQUAL-model., Service Quality, absorption, asset management company, dedication, vigor

Service Quality as an Antecedent in Improving Small and Medium Micro Enterprises in Ternate City (Published)

Many restaurants and beverage in Ternate City have stopped their business because they are unable to compete. This research was conducted in Ternate City from February to June 2023. The research population was 152 restaurants and beverage with samples taken using purposive sampling with the formula n: Z2/4(Moe)2. The total sample was 97 restaurants and beverage consisting of 8 North Ternate sub-districts, 57 in Central Ternate subdistrict, and 32 in South Ternate subdistrict. Each restaurants and beverage restaurant represents one respondent. The aim of this research is to analyze and explain the influence of service quality and the atmosphere of restaurants and beverage on purchasing decisions, and the restaurant and beverage atmosphere as a moderating variable. The analytical method used is Moderated Regression Analysis (MRA) with Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) software version 26. It was found that before the atmospheric variable was positioned as moderation, service quality and the atmosphere of restaurants and beverage influenced purchasing decisions. After the atmospheric variable is positioned as a moderating variable, so service quality and the atmosphere of restaurants and beverage do not influence purchasing decisions, Likewise, atmospheric variables are not moderating variables. 

Keywords: Atmosphere, Service Quality, purchasing decisions

An Analysis of Factors Impact on Customer Satisfaction in Vietnam Restaurants: Case of Fast Food Restaurants (Published)

The primary purpose of this study is to explore the factors that investigate the customers’ evaluation and perception about determinants influencing on customer satisfaction at Vietnamese fast-food restaurants. It is very essential for every business not only to retain their existing customers but also to extend and appeal more new customers significantly. In this study, the scale is measured on four main factors as Service quality, Product quality, Price, and Environment affecting to all common fast-food restaurants in Vietnam market. To appraise and evaluate the influence of each factor, the study uses the mixed method of quantitative and qualitative researches. The findings from the study revealed that the current situation of each factor in Vietnam fast-food industry and how extremely influencing each factor is. Furthermore, these findings also provide useful strategies and understandable knowledge to improve and develop in Vietnamese fast-food restaurants as well as the satisfaction level from customers.

Keywords: : Fast Food, Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Vietnam Market, product .quality


Service quality and customer satisfaction is an important ingredient in addressing global challenges, such as customer satisfaction and service quality. Service quality influences customer satisfaction because with an excellent service provided to the customers, their needs and expectations are met and as a result it improves customer satisfaction and helps create a good image of the company and bring positive reactions to potential customers mind. Despite this attention, little empirical research has been performed about relationship-marketing practices among SMEs, especially those in developing countries. This study is intended to investigate the effects of service quality on customer satisfaction in Kitale town. Stratified sampling was used to divide the Central Business District in terms of streets. Systematic random sampling was used to select SMEs from each street to obtain a sample size of 146 SMEs where customers was interviewed from each SME making a total of 146 customers involved in this research work. Findings reveals that service quality highly affect customer satisfaction positively (β2=0.396, P<0.05). All the beta values were significant at 0.05 level of significance. Hence it is recommended that managers should focus on developing appropriate competencies in service quality since it has a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, SMEs, Service Quality

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