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Job Satisfaction

Compensation Administration and Employee’s Performance Among Private Universities in North Central Nigeria (Published)

Compensation plays an important role in determining employees’ job satisfaction and thus performance. The perception of being paid what one is worth predicts job satisfaction. However, it is not clear the influence compensation has on employee’s performance to cause the many stand offs. This study therefore sought to establish the effects of compensation on employees’ performance in private universities in north-central, Nigeria. The objective of the study was to explore the impact of compensation administration on employee’s performance in Private Universities in North Central Nigeria. The study employed a descriptive research design. Finite Sample size Determination formula and Simple random sampling was used to select a sample size of 1312 employees drawn from the target population of 1,903. Responses were collected through administration of questionnaire. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire was enhanced through a pilot study carried out in selected private universities. To ensure the validity of the instruments, both face and content validity was used. Data collected was categorized coded and then tabulated using SPSS. The qualitative data was analysed using descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis. The study established that competitive salaries, indirect compensation and non-financial compensation had a positive and significant influence on employees’ performance. The study concludes that a competitive salary package can improve employee motivation, reduce employee turnover and increase productivity, incentive plans motivate workers for higher efficiency and productivity. It can improve the work-flow and work methods, indirect compensation is a non-monetary benefits offered and provided to employees in lieu of the services provided by them to the organization and that that employees become more engaged when their performance is properly recognized by their employer. The study recommends that Employee performance can be influenced by the universities administration by communicating to the employees that they value their contribution and also encouraging employee participation in the decision-making process of the compensation administration system at the universities. When employees feel that their opinions are valued at the organizations they work, they tend to exhibit loyalty and commitment due to the sense of belongingness and trust from the management.


Keywords: Job Satisfaction, compensation administration, direct financial compensation, indirect financial compensation

Effect of Recruitment and Selection Practices on Job Satisfaction of Security Personnel in Public Secondary Schools in Baringo County, Kenya (Published)

Security officers are part of the non-teaching staff in schools and school managers expect them to be productive, dedicated, disciplined and committed to their work. Studies carried out in other countries have revealed that human resource management practices have profound effects on the job satisfaction of security personnel. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of human resource management practices on the job satisfaction of security personnel in public secondary schools in Baringo County, Kenya. This paper presents and discusses the research findings on the effect of recruitment and selection practices on job satisfaction of security personnel in public secondary schools in Baringo County. It targeted 508 security personnel and 169 principals in public secondary schools in Baringo County. Slovin’s formula was used to get the sample of 224 security personnel. Random sampling technique was used to select 10% of the school principals to participate in the study. A questionnaire and an interview guide were used to collect data. These research tools were validated and then tested for reliability. Cronbach Alpha was used to test reliability. The reliability of the instrument was 0.788, which was above the 0.70 threshold of acceptable reliability. Qualitative data was analysed thematically based on the objectives. Quantitative data was collected and analysed by use of both descriptive (means, percentages as well as frequencies) and inferential statistics. The inferential statistics comprised Pearson product moment correlation and multiple linear regression. The results from the research revealed that recruitment and selection practices (β2=0.322, p<0.05) had significant effect on security personnel’s job satisfaction. Therefore, recruitment and selection practices were found to be major predictors of job satisfaction. The researcher concluded that the Recruitment and selection practices were significant determinants of security personnel’s job satisfaction. It is therefore recommended that school Boards of Management should clarify the requisite skills and qualification for security personnel. They should advertise vacancies for security jobs and avoid recruiting personnel only from the school neighbourhood. They should ensure they select the right candidates for the right job.

Keywords: Baringo County, Effect, Job Satisfaction, Kenya, Public Secondary Schools, Recruitment, security personnel, selection practices

Leader Mindfulness and Employee Work Attitudes in Public Agencies in Port Harcourt (Published)

This study is an empirical inquiry into the adoption and practice of metaphysical components such as leader mindfulness in management and its relationship with social realities such as employee work attitudes in African workplaces, specifically as it applies to Nigerian public agencies. As a cross sectional survey, data for the study was generated using structured questionnaire from two agencies located in Port Harcourt. A total of three hypotheses were postulated with analysis revealing significant correlations between leader mindfulness and the measures of employee work attitudes; Affective commitment, job involvement and job satisfaction; implying that the adoption and practice of leader mindfulness is a prerequisite for effectively attending to and addressing work-related issues and thus enhancing employee work attitudes. In conclusion, the findings of this study lend credence to its support for the adoption and practice of leader mindfulness in achieving a more sensitized and supportive work environment and thereby a more desirable expression of work attitudes from employees.

Keywords: Affective Commitment, Employee Work Attitudes, Job Involvement, Job Satisfaction, Leader Mindfulness, Metaphysics, Social Realities

Exploring the Relationship between HR Practices and Organizational Commitment in Egyptian Organizations: The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction (Published)

Organizational commitment is regarded as the strongest motivator for all employees` positive outcomes. HR practices aim at directing the organization towards positive individual and organizational outcomes. HR practices influence organizational performance through satisfying employees` needs, which is argued to generate favourable HRM outcomes such as, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Despite the concern with studying the positive impact of HR practices, few studies have explained the reasons behind these outcomes. The present study aims at exploring the impact of HR practices on employees` organizational commitment. The study investigates whether job satisfaction mediates the relationship between HR practice and organizational commitment. The study was conducted at the three public foreign trade companies in Egypt. Questionnaires were used for data collection (N=362). Findings provide evidence that job satisfaction mediates the relationship between HR practices and organizational commitment. HR practices and organizational commitment were found to affect the three types of commitment (affective, continuance, and commitment). Also, the study provides evidence that demographic factors cause differences in employees` perceptions of HR practices, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment.


Keywords: HR practices, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment

Job Satisfaction in North East Nigeria: A Descriptive Study on Government Sector Employees (Published)

The paper deals with the attitudinal elements of job satisfaction among government employees of North Eastern Nigeria. Job satisfaction is a key issue worldwide as it affects the productivity and overall growth of an organization. To investigate the effects of myriads factors of job satisfaction and various other independent variables on overall job satisfaction of employees, the study drew participants through convenience sampling. The results were analyzed through statistical procedures like Cronbach’s Alpha, Simple regression, Pearson correlations (bivariate) and K independent samples median test along with simple means, standard deviation and percentages. Organizational prestige emerged as the most satisfying aspect among the participants, while except age, education and gender played no role in job satisfaction among the employees of this region.

Keywords: Employees, Government Sector, Job Satisfaction, Nigeria


The tannery industry is one of the major raw material and finished good supplier industries which have a significant impact on economy of Bangladesh. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the factors which are responsible for influencing employees’ job satisfaction. The analysis of this study revealed that salary and incentive are the most important factors for influencing job satisfaction of employees. Salary is most important, but working condition, supervisor supports, appraisal technique, work training, grievance handling, safety provision, and work life balance are crucial factors for determining employees’ job satisfaction. This paper draws relationship among various factors and presents a conclusion with a suggestion for improving employees’ job satisfaction level.

Keywords: Appraisal Technique, Bangladesh, Job Satisfaction, Salary & Incentive, Supervisor Support, Tannery, Work Life Balance, Work Training, Working Condition

Job Satisfaction & Bankers Turnover: A Case Study on Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited (Published)

The purpose of this paper is to present and test a model that identifies employees work related attitudes enhances organizational goals in relationship with the practices of Motivation, job security and job satisfaction in Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. This paper, therefore, aims to identify the relationship among the factors such as motivation, job security and job satisfaction of employees works related feelings. The sample for this study was the current employees of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. Printed questionnaires were distributed among 18 respondents and all the questionnaires have been collected and taken as the data for the research. The data has been analyzed with SPSS 17.0. In this study, the Correlation value was satisfactory, which proved that the items of questionnaires are appropriates with this study.

Keywords: BCBL, Bankers Turnover, HRM, Job Satisfaction

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