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Predictors of Continuous Intention to Use Mobile Payment Platforms in a Typical Developing Economy Context: A Literature Review (Published)

This paper aims to review literature on the predictors of continuous intention to use mobile payment platforms in a typical developing economy context. Extant literatures reveal that the unified theory of use and technology is the most widely used theory to explain continuous intention behavior in financial technology marketing literature but few studies have extended the theory to accommodate other variables and investigate the nexus among these variables especially on continuous intention to use mobile platforms from a developing economy like Nigeria. Also, the existing frameworks and models developed in advanced economies may not be suitable for developing mobile payment platforms usage behavior in Nigeria because of its peculiarities. The major importance of this study is to review extant literature on continuous usage of mobile payment technology and make available a comprehensive and robust framework for prospective researchers in this area, which will guide and direct their studies. The framework is premised on five key constructs- performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, facilitating condition, intrinsic motivation, price value and prior experience. More so, the proposed conceptual framework is capable of providing insight for developing financial technology-related policies.

Keywords: Developing Economy, Mobile payment platforms, Nigeria, financial technology, unified theory of use and acceptance of technology

Cultural Factors Influencing Psychological Contract (PC) Experiences among Survivor Managers (Published)

Most researches on psychological contract are conducted in the banking sector while limited local enquiries focused on the experiences of the survivor-managers in developing economy particularly in Nigeria. This study therefore, examines the cultural factors influencing PC experiences and responses among survivor-managers in Nigeria. The study adopted a qualitative approach and more specifically interviews. Data were analysed using empirically driven thematic analysis. The findings revealed that; unemployment, values of dependency, corruption, family obligations, beliefs, spirituality among others shape attitudes and responses of the survivor-managers’ with respect to downsizing exercise. Therefore, human resource managers who are part of the downsizing exercise should embrace open and transparent process as well as being sensitive to the wellbeing of the victims and survivors to reduce the negative psychological contract experiences and responses among Survivor-managers. In addition, the research created awareness on the need to diversify research in terms of methods adopted.

Keywords: Culture, Developing Economy, Nigeria, Survivor-managers, psychological contract

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