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Decision Making

Good Leadership, Planning and Decision-Making Is A Panacea to Improved Productivity of Workers (Published)

The study ascertains that good leadership, planning and decision making is a panacea to improved productivity of workers.  Four research questions were formulated to guide the study. Using a  simple random sampling techniques, 100 workers were selected to form the sample size of the study. Data gathered through questionnaires was analyzed using mean scores.  The findings of the study revealed that organizations that have good leadership, planning and decision-making processes, make available the right tools for work performance, record and acknowledged the  improved productivity of workers.  Based on the findings of this study, the following recommendations were made: Having discussed the findings of the study, the following recommendations are made. Organizations and other employers of labour who have not created enabling working environment should create one in other to enhance productivity.  The job situation must be good/clearly communicated and  merits must be fairly compensated.  Employers should develop a family kind of relationship within and among their workers so that they can get the best out of the workers.  Provide proper motivation that would leads to better working habits and increased productivity.  In conclusion, organizations that set relevant goals and objectives should communicate same to the workers in clear terms, and provide modern technologies for job performance to achieve maximum productivity.

Keywords: Decision Making, Leadership, Planning, Productivity

The Impact of Motivation on Employee Performances: A Case Study of Karmasangsthan Bank Limited, Bangladesh. (Published)

Employees are the heart of any organization. For any organization to operate smoothly and without any interruption, employee cooperation cannot be replaced with anything else. It is of utmost importance that the employees of an organization not only have a good relationship with the top management, but also they maintain a healthy and professional relationship with their coworkers. The following study is a self-conducted research on how motivational tools impact the performance of employee for betterment. The study also focused on de-motivation factors affecting employee performance negatively. A sample of individuals was selected and was interviewed with a self-administrated questionnaire to obtain primary data. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistical analysis methods. The results obtained indicate that if employees are positively motivated, it improves both their effectiveness and efficiency drastically for achieving organizational goals.

Keywords: Decision Making, Employee, Employee Engagement, Motivation, Organizational Performances and Job satisfaction, Organizational goals, Productivity

Brainstorming For Better Decisions in Cooperatives (Published)

Cooperatives, in order to vie with private business rivals need to offer innovative products and services to its members at competitive terms.  This calls for brainstorming, a meticulous approach prior to decision making at the General Assembly, involving a selective few from the general body, board of management, functional managers, and employees.This approach leads to an array of numerous assimilation of worthy innovative ideas to be presented at the General Body, so that one best alternative could be approved by the General Assembly.  The methodology employed for this review is qualitative.  The application of brainstorming in the decision making of cooperatives has been holistically made explicable by reviewing a wide array of pertinent archival records in the form of leading published books.  Analysis is based on specific textual theoretical perspectives, as it outweighs the risk of irrelevant remarks.

Keywords: Brainstorming, Cooperatives, Decision Making


21st century is acknowledged for its information outburst, technological innovation and also for transmission of such information through Human Resource Information System for successful functioning of organizations. HRIS facilitates retrieval of information quickly and accurately which allows quick analysis of HR issues and gives good information for decision makers. HRIS acts as an effective tool for managers to take effective decisions. With this background, an attempt has been made to assess the impact of human resource information systems usage on decision making process in the select software companies. For the purpose of the study 50 companies were selected based on purposive sampling method through a structured questionnaire administered. The sample included 350 IT professionals from different designations. Statistical tools like descriptive statistics, ANOVA and t-test have been used. The IT professionals and their designations have been considered as independent variables while the decision making process has been treated as dependent variable. The results of this research would help software companies to better understand the usage of HRIS to facilitate the decision making process in their organizations and also would help to identify how the decisions are taken by the employees with the help of HRIS.

Keywords: Application Tracking, Decision Making, Employee security, Human Resource Information Systems, Recruitment, Strategic information

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