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Globalisation and Conflict Escalation in The 3rd World Nations


In the contemporary global system, all stages of societies are being redesigned by globalization. The individual livelihood and identity is threatened and thrown into question, localities are coerced to recreate themselves or die in the face of new economic forces, and countries are experiencing steadily declining freedom of action all due to globalization. The objective of this paper therefore is to look at the relationship between globalization and conflict escalation in the 3rd world nations. This paper adopted the Survey research design. Structured questionnaire was adopted as the main instrument for data collection. The sample made up of 350 respondents. The Spearman rank order correlation coefficient was used in testing the hypotheses at a 0.05 level of significance. Findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between globalization and the aggravation of tensions and social conflict in the 3rd world and also that there is a significant relationship between globalization and the transmission of disruptive Western values aggressively promoted internationally as universal values. The paper recommends that since globalisation reforms create the basis for provoking and heightening ethnic conflict as some group benefits from these reforms more than others, African countries should make appropriate progress in the level of social provisioning for the people as well as introduction of other measures that would reduce the level of unemployment and poverty.

Keywords: 3rd world, Conflict, Globalization

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