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Attaining Sustainable Development in Post-Conflict Societies: A Conceptual and Theoretical Perspective from North-East Nigeria


One of the most cherished aspirations of every society emerging from conflict is its ability to transform, bounce back and attain sustainable development in the post-conflict period. No society indicate or abhors lack of willingness to achieve such a noble dream. In Nigeria, the crises of Boko Haram led to the destruction of properties and communities, death of persons, and displacement of millions of individuals. The violent conflict has destroyed several livelihood sources and made many rich individuals poor and destitute and as well sent many young people, women and children into their untimely graves. This paper examines the attainment of sustainable development in post-conflict societies with focus on North-East Nigeria. The paper is hinged on conceptual and theoretical approach to examining the post-conflict state of attaining sustainable development using secondary data derived from published and unpublished sources with analysis based of thematic approach using document analysis. The focus of the paper is on the ravaging violent conflict by the Boko Haram insurgents in the by addressing the key fundamental issues including the phases of conflicts management and recovery, the strategies for the attainment of sustainable development and economic prosperity in the post conflict society, the key actors and strategic stakeholders in the post conflict recovery and reconstructions, and the challenges confronting sustainable development in the post-conflict society.


Keywords: Conflict, Development, Sustainable Development, post-conflict societies

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