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Politicization of Insecurity and Efficient Management of the Nigerian Correctional Service, 2015-2022 (Published)

In recent times, Nigeria has been plagued by escalating insecurity, which has culminated in daily cases of kidnapping, banditry, robbery, and indiscriminate killings in nearly all six geopolitical zones. The recurring decimal of these criminal operations has made possible the further extension of attacks to the Country’s correctional centers (Prisons), Thereby, hindering the ability and capacity of the Nigerian correctional service to live up to high public expectations of efficient management of correctional facilities across the country.  However, despite the high number of attacks, the government appears powerless to stop this threat due to their inability to convict the perpetrators of these crimes. These terrorists on their own have grown more daring as can be observed with the rising cases of prison breaks across the nation as they aim to free their already captured colleagues without fear of being confronted by the security agencies. This paper therefore examined the effect of politicizing insecurity by political actors and its implication on the proper and efficient management of the Nigerian correctional service within the period under review. Using the instrumental theory of terrorism, the paper investigated critically the underlying issues preventing the Nigerian government from successfully apprehending runaway terrorists. Data for the study was collected through documentary sources and analyzed appropriately using the qualitative-descriptive method of data analysis. The study established that there appears to be a convoluted relationship between certain segments of the government or its security personnel and the terrorists wreaking havoc on the Nigerian state and this has had adverse effects on the efficient management of the Nation’s correctional service. As a result, the research urges a thorough investigation of Nigeria’s terrorist sponsors and a complete revamp of the nation’s security system.

Citation: Ogu, E.C.S., Akaose, I C., and Nwokocha, C V., (2022) Politicization of Insecurity and Efficient Management of the Nigerian Correctional Service, 2015-2022, Global Journal of Political Science and Administration, Vol.10, No.4, pp.45-57

Keywords: Efficiency, Insecurity, Terrorism, correctional service, prison breaks

Reexamining India’s Counter Terrorism Strategy (Published)

Terrorism in India is looked at as one of the aspects of maintenance of Law and Order which is a subject matter of federal units under the Indian constitution. Hence the Police Departments of the States which are responsible for maintaining law and order deal with terrorism, which is not enough. Central Government of India and Central Security Forces should be playing an important role in Planning and execution of confrontation with terrorism. But technicalities of the constitution do not make it possible. That is why; Central Government has set up a National Counter Terrorism Centre. It has not yet been put into practice, because of the resistance by federal units. If India wants to manage terrorism in real sense, then it is imperative to consider terrorism as a federal Crime and National Emergency like incidents. In order to prohibit such criminal acts, India needs to initiate a comprehensive internal security like US and Israel.

Keywords: Crime, India, International Relations., National Security, Terrorism, USA

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