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Performance Management and Employee Retention in Commercial Banks in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria (Published)

In this study, the influence of performance management on   employee retention in commercial banks in Akwa Ibom State was studied. The survey research design was considered and adopted in the study. The study had a population of 497. The sample size was 384 as determined through Cochran’s sample size determination formula. The sampling method employed in the study was random sampling. The questionnaire was used in data collection. Data obtained in the study were analyzed using simple regression method. It was established that performance management (Beta =0.046, t=4.182, p<0.05) has a significant influence on employee retention in commercial banks in Akwa Ibom State. It was concluded that performance management could account for employee retention in commercial banks in Akwa Ibom State. It was recommended that commercial banks in the state should strengthen their performance management practice as this had the capacity to influence employee retention.

Citation: Umana V.S., Umana E.S., Umoh V.A. (2022) Performance Management   and Employee Retention in Commercial Banks in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, Global Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.10, No.6, pp.23-31

Keywords: Commercial Banks, Employee Retention, Nigeria, Performance Management.


This study aimed to determine the banks’ employees in Tulkarm district attitudes towards the importance of English language at banks’ work and answered the following main question:What is the role of the English language in banks work as viewed by Tulkarm banks’ employees?The study also examined the following null hypothesis :There are no significant differences at (α≤0.05) in Tulkarm banks employees attitudes towards the importance of English language at bank work due to :language of study, age , experience, university of study , level of English , and level of education variables.From the previous survey for the importance of mastering English in banks’ environments ,through which we may find an urgent need for English for dealing with foreign customers, understanding new electronic administration requirements, and dealing with English documents and endorsements and getting use of some foreign experience in developing banks’ work, we can interfere the following:
1- There is high awareness for the need of English at bank’s environment among banks of Tulkarm district employees.
2- There is a distinctive motivation among employees of Tulkarm district banks towards spending time learning English through courses or workshops.
According to the results and findings of the studies and the statistical analysis of the questionnaire, the researchers recommend the following:
1- Banks’ administrations should give high importance for English Language fluency as an important criterion for choosing bank employees in various fields of work.
2- There should be English courses sponsored by banks’ administration to be given to employees to enhance their ability to use English with others fluently.
3- A system of reinforcement for taking these courses and developing English use ability should be accredited and considered as an urgent requirement for the bank.

Keywords: Bank employee, Commercial Banks, English Language

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